Petition against ID cards…

On foot of something William Heath said at the Adam Smith Institute the other evening, that during after the British government’s recent consultation on ID cards, the Home Office counted over 5000 individual
submission against the idea as one submission. Today is your last chance to sign the online petition against bringing it in.There are problems with petitions. For instance, Forest Gump turned up on a petition in support of the Arklow sewage treatment plant recently in the Republic. To be most effective any petition should follow Number 10’s guidelines:

* A clear, brief statement of what people are indicating their
agreement to by signing;

* The full name and full postal addresses of each person who
signs, e-mail addresses would also be helpful;

* The petition should have a closing date and all signatures
should be submitted all in one go after that date; and

* The data should have been collected electronically.

Having said all that, if you are passionately opposed to the introduction of ID Cards, you’ll need to sign this soon, as the deadline is today.

Thanks to Keiran for the heads up!