Money's too tight to mention….

We’ve had a rough summer of it, but it seems that things are getting back to normal on Slugger. What I think it has highlighted is the difficulty of keeping up a site that at least aspires towards professional values on a zero budget.

The move from the UK to the US server means that the technological costs have plummeted. Even low level clicks on the Google ads should now work in tandem with these substantially lower costs.

The real question is the amount of time required to keep Slugger running smoothly. We have been lucky that River Path has been on hand to pay for Abi’s precious time. You can be certain that Slugger would not have survived the ravages of the summer without her and the full backing of the company!

But that doesn’t cover the time yours truly gives to the smooth running of the site. Aside from the

  • Davros


    I dislike the idea of a Patron page as it makes those less in as position to contribute feel second-class.

    Merchandising ?

    Negotiating a book-selling fee ?

    I buy plenty of books, new and second-hand for my studies and would happily use a search facility through this site.

    Last thought… could you seek funding from Lottery or a governemnt/EU agency ?

  • Mick Fealty


    To do merchandising well requires lots of time and spare capacities of thought I already don’t have.

    The Amazon ads are here to provide interest only – in all the time I’ve had them up, they’ve earned me very little.

    Government funding – I’ve not really explored. Partly because I don’t want Slugger tarred with the accusation that it’s in thrall to one agenda or another.

    Funding from semi government funding bodies is difficult because of the stipulation that money should be administered by a board of directors/managers.

    I hear what you say about a patron’s page – but I think there are some issues to do with transparency maybe even giving the readership some benchmark for Slugger’s much vaunted independence.

    And, yes, it would also be a recognition of those individuals who view Slugger as a public good sufficiently to invest in its continued future.

    Who was it said you can’t eat praise?

  • peteb


    Just on the merchandising front, you could always have a running invitation for logo designs to be submitted.. if one strikes your fancy you could run up a series of simple t-shirts, mugs, mouse-pads (if anyone still uses them) and the such.. up-date the logo as and when you see fit.

    assuming, of course, you’re willing to allow a certain degree of control to slip from your fingers ;o)

  • Davros

    Widow’s Mite Mick.

    List of contributors, no need to say who gave what?

    Erm, has never noticed Amazon ads on site LOL

  • maca

    I’m not sure merchandise would get you anything, frankly i’d be surprised, but you could try CafePress if you want to go this route.

    The Google ads are good if you can get the clicks, they’re making me a profit anyway πŸ˜‰

  • maca

    p.s. you a Simply Red fan Mick?

  • peteb

    Is anyone, maca?

  • James


    Have you talked to John Fay about the luck he has had with a patron page?

    Another angle to consider is an installment plan for those of us who wish to avoid the attention of the FBI or, worse yet, a spouse by leaving a paper trail of largish contributions to, ah, uniquely named overseas recipients.

  • maca

    They were good in their day Pete πŸ˜‰