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  • peteb

    I tell you what, Mick, thon Saatchi’s onto a good thing there with those logo redesigns…

    and, of course, all I’ve been waiting for is an on-line database before signing up!

    I’m not sure letting Howard make 2 speeches is such a good idea though.. and where’s Liam Fox been?.. “People are used to online shopping, online banking, why not online politics?”

    Hasn’t he heard of Slugger? ;o)

  • peteb

    BTW Mick, it is a gamble, but where did you get the

  • Mick Fealty

    Thanks Pete. Corrected.

  • Davros

    Off Topic, but did anybody else see tonight’s Newsnight BBC2 Visit to Derry ? Excellent reporting and I must admit The SF Mayor came across very well.

  • peteb


    Off Topic is right.

    But it wasn’t exactly a hard-hitting interview, so it would have been difficult to come across in any other way.. The reporter concerned did raise some issues in the report that contrasted with what the SF Mayor was saying, but not while sitting in the back of his chauffeur driven limo – which was the only time he appeared. Made me wonder if some strict conditions on which questions could be asked were laid down for that particular piece to camera before he actually agreed to appear.

    On Topic

    Next we’ll see Saatchi redesign the logo to include a head and shoulder,

  • Davros

    Pete, we need MORE reporting that isn’t based on or designed to provoke conflict.

    I have given SF stick recently ( they’ll survive ) but I have always said that Mr Hyde should be rebuked and Dr Jekyl Praised. The Mayor came a cross as responsible and constructive. He also had a good interview about the closing of Fruit of The Loom.

  • peteb


    Not at the expense of accountability. As I pointed out, the reporter clearly had questions she wanted to ask but those questions had to be implied via a piece of video tacked onto the report and not put directly to the politician now claiming to be “responsible and constructive”. And no mention of the attacks on Pat Ramsey and his family either – didn’t fit the narrative?

  • Davros

    That’s a tad unfair ( imagine, me defending SF) pete … I labelled him “responsible and constructive” – he didn’t make that claim about himself 🙂

    The incongruities were there , but that they were not directly addressed to some extent actually strengthened their impact, but more was acheived by stressing the positives than bickering over the negatives.

    The Ramsey thing was disgraceful, but I don’t think I can pin that one on SF or it’s supporters without being, deservedly, torn to shreds for hypocrisy after my stance on the lack of proof as to the provenance of those bugs 😉

  • peteb

    That was the presentation of the report Davros. The incongruities were mentioned, then we went back to the narrative of ‘change’ and ‘progress’, which is where the politically motivated attacks on Pat Ramsey should have been included.

    My point is we should never put to one side our critical faculties for the benefit of ANY political party – ever.