Doing the homework for Leeds…

William Graham in yesterday’s Irish News reports activity on all fronts heading into the Leeds Castle negotiations. Sound and fury, or serious minded preparations?

  • peteb

    The extent to which the DUP and SF are preparing the ground for subsequent excuses, and the apportioning of blame, for a failure to live up to the hype tends to support the ‘sound and fury’ theory, Mick.

  • DessertSpoon

    You need to hope they are serious. I consider myself an optimist but even I am growing weary of this ‘process’ although I’m not sure that is the right word. Afterall, a process implies forwards movement and all we have seen so far is stagnation. Again let’s hope they (the politicians) really want to move forward otherwise Northern Ireland should prepare for a long long period of Direct Rule by unaccountable, uncaring Ministers and in the worst case scenario a return to our violent past.

    They haven’t gone away you know even though we want and need them to!