Where is the political will to deal?

Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern have questioned the political will of the current main players in Northern Ireland.

  • Declan

    Sounds like Tony’s starting to lose the bap. The questioning of the ‘will’ is a subtle hint of his impatience. Blair has too many other things on his mind: the squabble with Brown, the election planning and, of course, the war on terror. The squabbling Paddies don’t come into it anymore. It was different back in 98 when all Tony had to worry about was the size of his next majority.

    I think McGuinness picked up on this when he suggested that the political alternatives to power-sharing could be worse.

  • Alan

    Who doesn’t feel frustrated with the process? It is a tale of sullen and dog in the manger gripes that lost sight of the prize long ago.

    If we had seen open and honest decommissioning followed by dissolution of all paramilitaries and sequential action by the parties to work together, then we would have seen progress already.

    It is all about political will.