Murphy: quantum leap

Again the Irish News carries an article by the Secretary of State for NI Paul Murphy, laying out the positive arguments for the reforms that have already taken place, in particular highlighting the work of the new Chief Constable Hugh Orde and the police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan. He then reiterated the words of Blair’s speech back in October:

“I do not underestimate the difficulties for republicans in making what some have called this ‘quantum leap’ – the final transition away from violence. Neither has the Prime Minister nor I suggested that there is no work left to be done by the governments and the parties, as well as the paramilitaries. But there is simply no escaping the fact that we have reached a ‘fork in the road’ at which republicanism will have to make a clear choice.”

Also: Details of Murphy’s original announcement on Monday. There seems to be a thaw in relations between Murphy’s office and the DUP