Haass: 5 pillars of progress

Thanks to Emily Jones for the communique from the US Embassy in London. It contains five points he delivered to a business group in Belfast on the 20th November 2002:

— Elimination of all paramilitary capabilities and an end to all paramilitary behavior, including, but not limited to, targeting and so-called punishment beatings;

— Effective community policing and continued police reform;

— Continued and ultimately complete demilitarization or normalization of the British military presence;

— Strengthening institutions and practices that guarantee human rights and equality; and,

— Restoring local power-sharing institutions, namely the Executive and the Assembly.

Acutally coming to think of it, they are not that different from the DUP’s demands yesterday. Like the disagreements over policing, the measures between one option and another are getting incredibly fine.

Hit the comments if you disagree, or email me if you think I am missing something.

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