Similarities between British and the IRA

Eammon McCann is not a man to bandy around compliments lightly. But according to the veteran Derry chronicler of the Troubles, Ed Moloney’s book on the IRA is:

“This is the best book yet written about the Provisional Irish Republican Army. It traces the rise of the Provos from the angry ashes of Catholic working-class streets incinerated by mobs of loyalists and cops in August 1969 to the enclosure of the movement’s leadership within conventional bourgeois politics through the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. It explains why the current hiatus in the peace process will, sooner or later, probably sooner, be healed, for the same reason that made agreement possible in the first place: There is no fundamental contradiction between the politics of the Provo leadership and of the British ruling class.”

Read on for more. And suspect we will come back to this one for more detail.