Policing drama; the reality

The Irish News editorialises on the murder of Joseph O’Connor, a leading member of the dissident republican group, the Real IRA two years ago. It gives two main reasons for serious concern:

“One was the strong belief held both by detectives and the victim’s family – and fully reported at the time by this newspaper – that Mr O’Connor was killed by the Provisional IRA, a group which is supposed to be observing a ceasefire. The second was that not a single person has subsequently been questioned by police about the death of Mr O’Connor, who was shot 10 times in broad daylight in a densely populated housing estate.”

It goes on:

“While the difficulties involved in obtaining convictions in cases of this kind have been well documented, it is unacceptable that no one has even been interviewed, never mind charged, in connection with the killing of Mr O’Connor.”