Should the IFA adopt its own national anthem?

Recently we had the disgraceful but in some ways predictable behaviour of some fans (but at least it was a minority) at the Northern Ireland versus Republic of Ireland match during the playing of the National Anthems. I was always taught that no matter how you feel about a country, or its government’s policies, you should always respect the national anthem. However, at the same time – why do the Irish Football Association still continue to use God Save the … Read more

Flegs and Anthems

I was interested to note the Union Flag carefully positioned immediately beside Belfast PUP Councillor Julie-Anne Corr Johnson for her interview with BBC NI’s The View recently. “On one hand they tell us the British identity of Northern Ireland citizens is under threat”, she thundered, “whilst at the same time denying British citizens like me access to British laws and British rights.” The openly lesbian Corr Johnson was objecting to the DUP campaign for a ‘religious opt-out’ to equality laws … Read more

IRFU urged to play RoI National Anthem at Rugby World Cup

Independent Dublin City Councillor Neil Ring is apparently to table a motion calling on the IRFU to play the RoI National Anthem at the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. At away matches only Ireland’s Call is played (and infamously the IRFU decreed that when Ireland played at Ravenhill it was an away fixture). Mr. Ring is confident of getting his motion passed: anticipating the support of FF, SF and independent councillors. According to Mr. Ring: “I would be very … Read more

‘We’ still are Soldier Boys…

Much has been said in recent years about the suitability of God Save the Queen remaining the Northern Ireland National Anthem, particularly for sporting events and especially its use in Windsor Park for Northern Ireland matches. Seldom discussed however are the suitability of the militaristic, xenophobic and insular lyrics of Amhrán na bhFiann (The Soldier’s Song) remaining the National Anthem of the Republic of Ireland. A poll by the Sunday Independant has indeed revealed that a large number of people … Read more