A Passport to Nationalist Insurrection?

I recently discovered Jamie Bryson, and as with the discovery of any hidden gem, I’ll confess I’m rapt. It’s not yet clear to me whether Jamie believes everything he says or whether he’s simply realised that hyperbole is a sure fire path to notoriety. But after his latest offering, I’d have to say the balance of opinion has to come down to the latter view. In my dalliance with Jamie’s pontification on all matters unionist, nationalist and fantasist, it is … Read more

On the day after November 9th a titanic struggle within the GOP will begin…

It’s the first thing you notice. A physical manifestation of what you’ve come to understand on an intellectual level. When you walk into the Republican National Convention, as I did earlier this year, you’re met with a sea of faces. White faces. Like a statue of old in some great city, the GOP has stood stoically, unchanging in the face of rapid transformation unfolding around it. The demographic shifts in the United States have been profound, changing, in a very … Read more

How do we unlock Northern Ireland’s tremendous potential?

I still remember the spring of 2001. The palpable excitement I felt about something I’d dreamed of since my adolescence and, with sixth form drawing to a close, was finally in a position to realise: leaving Northern Ireland. I was one of the almost 18,000 who emigrated that year, a number that rose to just over 25,000 in 2012-13. And whereas net migration in Northern Ireland was positive the year I left, it has since turned negative (and skews even … Read more