Musings on the Queen’s Jubilee…

It is the Queen’s Jubilee Weekend, where one half of Northern Ireland is celebrating, while the other half looks on in bewilderment. I was on a day trip to Bangor yesterday and a group of women were singing God Save the Queen off the back of a boat. One of the women appeared to be an old punk with a Mohican so they may have been ironic and it was actually a tribute to the Sex Pistols.

I confess to being in the bewildered camp, some of the celebrations look a little forced like people are trying too hard. Mind you I have nothing against the Queen, 70 years as the lead character in Britain’s favourite soap opera is quite an achievement. She is a class act, having managed to say nothing controversial or fall foul of the notoriously fickle English press over her long reign.

In general, I would favour an elected head of state but as I get older I can see the merits of the Royal Family. In Ireland we tend to elect sensible people to the Presidency but you just know in England they would elect some eijit to the role – likely President Boris.

People will moan about the cost of the royals but I don’t envy them one bit. Being a Royal is existing in a gilded cage, your life under constant scrutiny, it looks miserable – having to make small talk with various Dictators, the endless ribbon cutting, paparazzi following your every move.

I know any mention of the Royals will set you all off but I am in a conciliatory mood these days. So I say if you are celebrating then enjoy your weekend. And should the Monarchy not be your bag as least you get a day of work 🙂