What would NI be like if your mum has just been made sole joint FM/dFM?

Staying the lighter side of things, lets all assume our mum is put in sole charge of Northern Ireland? What five major changes would she make? It’ll work best if you think about what she would say, rather just expressing your own view.

Mine was methodical in how she went about things, and was never slow to inform me that I wasn’t, so much. This is supposed to be fun, so only comment if you’re going to play. There’s no space for discussion, just acceptance of all on topic contributions.

On the other hand, if you like someone else’s five things, please do upvote them. And spread the love around. On the other hand you are not a bad person if you downvote someone. Let’s find out whose who’s mum’s ideas get the broadest acceptance?

Try and keep your comments short enough for others to read quickly to get the gist. These threads can go for a while as new people take the time to be creative with the opportunity to think at least moderately outside their own personal boxes.

List ‘her’ changes followed by a short summary of how you think they might change NI for the better. No limits (other than the normal rules which call for civility and connection with the subject. I’ll ask the Mods to be ruthless to keep things in order.

The aim to find spaces adjacent to the ones we already have. Or as my friend John Kellden puts it more precisely:

 …begin to weave between post and comment, [so] there’s at least a good chance we might be able to find similar and/or adjacent, related patterns that will work.

Good luck and have fun…