English Nationalism and its identity issues…

You think we are bad with identity politics until you look across the water at England. The Daily Express managed the impressive task of simultaneously criticising migrants and congratulating them on the same page.

You don’t like to overshadow Emma Raducanu’s magnificent achievement with discussion around her heritage. But it is astonishing how quickly people can switch from ‘immigrants out’ to embracing new ‘British’ stars.

We have been here before. When Andy Murray loses he is Scottish. When he wins he is British.

England has benefited immensely from the contributions of immigrants, a fact they are very loath to admit at times. For example, over 30% of medical staff in the NHS are Asian.

When non-whites point out these obvious contradictions they get flack for being ‘divisive’.

It is a tricky balance to be anti-immigrant on one side but on the other side, you don’t mind the ones who are rich, sporty or can save your life if you drop down with a heart attack.