Twitter troll to pay Stephen Nolan six figure damages…

A bad week for whoever was behind the Pastor Jimberoo Twitter account as Stephen Nolan just made their bank account over a 100k lighter. From the BBC report:

A person who used anonymous Twitter accounts to make defamatory remarks about Stephen Nolan has apologised and agreed to pay a six-figure damages sum.

The BBC radio and TV presenter traced the identity of the person who was behind an online campaign against him.

In a statement issued by the person’s lawyer, they admitted that the claims they made were “totally unsubstantiated and without foundation”.

Mr Nolan said: “This should be a warning to all trolls.”

The individual admitted running a campaign which “involved the systematic dissemination of false and defamatory allegations” against Mr Nolan.

They had been behind the Pastor Jimberoo and Pastor Jimberoo’s Ghost accounts on Twitter and had also created an online petition against the presenter.

The aim of the petition – based “entirely on false and defamatory allegations” – was to undermine and damage Mr Nolan’s professional reputation, they said.

“I unreservedly apologise to Mr Nolan for any distress caused and confirm that the aforesaid Twitter accounts have since been deleted,” they added.

The individual’s statement was issued by their Belfast-based lawyer Kevin Winter.

And Stephen Nolan is not done yet. Today he will reveal details of a second settlement. To be honest given the dog’s abuse the poor guy gets online it is surprising he has not done this before. There is a reason the main rule of slugger is play the ball not the man/woman.

I said it before and I will say it again, you are never as anonymous online as you think. The golden rule is don’t be a prick online – your bank balance will thank you.

Photo by geralt is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA