A grim milestone reached as NI Covid 19 related deaths hit 2000…

It means the total number of deaths has doubled since December. This is quite an increase in such a short time period. Was it Christmas that did the damage or is it just these illnesses tend to be worse at this time of year? Like everything it is probably a mix of a lot of factors.

The total number of positive cases in NI is now 109,147. I am curious what the multiplier is with C19. For example, for every positive case you record are there 3-5 others that go unrecorded as the people were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms and did not get a test? I plunked 3-5 times out of thin air. If you have a better suggestion please let me know in the comments. The point of the multiplier question is that if we have 109k positive results then could you be looking at 300-500k of actual infections? This is quite a number in a population of only 1.9 million.

We can ask a lot of questions of the data like how many victims had other life-threatening conditions as well as C19? Or how do the figures influence excess mortality?

But as Health Minister Robin Swann reminds us, it must not be forgotten that “behind every death will be a family left in grief”.

Photo by papazachariasa is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA