To become president, Biden needs to win two out of Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada and Georgia or win Pennsylvania…

The glacial pace of the US Election count continues, but the end might be in sight today. Biden has taken the lead in Georgia and is drawing closer to overtaking Trump in Pennsylvania. Hopefully today we should see a winner but who knows, this election has had so many twists and turns.

Meanwhile, Trump is showing his usual dignity in defeat by holding a press conference that was so full of lies that most networks cut him off.

Things are so weird Trump supporters have even turned their back on Fox News. Meanwhile, some Trump supporters are still hoping for divine intervention:

The crystal ball award goes to Bernie Saunders who predicted this farce weeks ago:

If the tension is getting too much for you how about some painting of Catholic cardinals to distract you for a while?

Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA