#InConversation Podcast with Michael McCoy. From the Ormeau Road to Tokyo and other tales…

Michael is a regular in the comments, I thought to myself a chat with a Belfast guy who now lives in Japan would make a great podcast.

Originally from the Ormeau Road in Belfast, Michael McCoy has lived in Japan for the past 30 years where he works as an executive coach. In this conversation, we discuss growing up in Belfast in the 1970s as well as getting his take on Brexit and what we need to do to stimulate the local economy.

Michael works with a lot of Japanese corporations so he is able to give us the perspective of how companies like Honda, Toyota etc view Brexit and the risks to divestment out of the UK.

We also get his views on the future of Northern Ireland, and the advice he would local politicians and leaders.

This is the podcast where I at last worked out how to use my new fancy microphone, so I hope listeners appreciate the newfound audio quality.

Let me know what you think of the chat in the comments.

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