Peace and Conflict: Understanding out World – New Podcast Series from Queen’s…

A new podcast series has been launched by Queen’s University that looks at conflict and peace-building around the world, from Afghanistan to Ireland, Colombia to South Africa and the Middle East.

Academics from Queen’s University share their experiences and reflections on how societies can transition from conflict to peace and how the traumatic political legacies of conflict can endure and continue to shape political discourse today.

Drawing from a range of expertise, Queen’s academics discuss such issues as how factors such as education and economics affect and define conflict, why people join illegal organisations, the definition of `terrorism’ itself and the impact of the marginalisation of women in peacebuilding.

Spread across eight episodes, you can hear from Queen’s academics who are providing insights globally into their conflict-related research, whether they’re working on the front-line in Afghanistan, or shaping education systems in Northern Ireland and other contexts.

You can listen to this series through Apple Podcasts or through Spotify.

Photo by StockSnap is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA