Is Now The Right Time for Brexit?

If Covid 19 has taught us one thing, we are not ready for a crisis to be sprung upon us. Stormont has been constantly criticised for its slow response, crucially regarding the PPE fiasco. The Brexit crisis however has been four years in the making meaning we should be preparing right? Recently some Northern Ireland MPs have advocated for a Brexit extension. However is Brexit at this time really a bad idea?

As a pro European supporter I can be forgiven if some asked me if I am sick or or thinking straight but unfortunately Brexit is inevitable. I want to firstly reaffirm my pro European stance and my support for remaining in the EU. On the other hand I very proudly stand as an optimist and being very direct and straight forward and the Brexit situation is simple….it IS going to happen. Our valiant and noble attempts to remain are done. The remain ship has sailed for now and at this time we need to be honest with ourselves Brexit is going to happen. Furthermore we have a Prime Minister despite his inept bumbling attitude is determined to GET BREXIT DONE!!

Let’s not kid ourselves we face a massive uphill task with a looming Coronavirus recession whereby we could potentially have millions across the UK unemployed and needing support via the welfare system. Albeit a situation that no-one could have predicted but unless we face up to this together then we will have no chance to overcome it.

The same can be said for Brexit. We know it is coming, we know the government is eager to get it done. So let’s just face the music for now and work together to overcome it. There will be plenty of opportunities to reseek membership to the European Union but at this moment in time the best thing for us is to get Brexit finally done and move forward to the next battle.

So when is a good time for Brexit? In essence? Never! There is never a perfect time to exit a mammoth organisation such as the European Union and it was never going to be an easy task. In this respect what if Covid 19 is the perfect time to exit the EU. Think about it, a Coronavirus recession, job losses etc even though it is a horrible situation to think about perhaps Brexit happening at the same time would be better than it happening after. If Brexit was extended then its consequences could be delayed until after a Covid 19 recession meaning job losses, Economic decline and businesses closing would go on for years. However if both a Covid 19 recession and Brexit happened at the same time then this potential long term economic crisis would occur over a shorter period of time. Once both issues have passed us by then we can boast that both the Covid 19 recession and Brexit are done and overcome at the same time meaning we can finally move on from both. Why would we let any crisis drag on when we can deal with both at the same time and move on from both at the same time?

_1038086.jpg” by Stephen.Bingham is licensed under CC BY-SA