#InConversation Podcast – I talk with Ellie Francis about the skills shortage in Northern Ireland and the latest employment trends…

Before Covid-19 many sectors in Northern Ireland were facing a skills shortage. In this podcast, I chat with Ellie Francis about how this will affect the economy. Ellie started a company called Nepturnal, where she advises clients on how to attract and retain staff. Ellie has also started writing for Slugger and you can read her first post here.

The skills shortage is an interesting phenomenon for those of us who grew up in the bad old days of 20% unemployment in the eighties. Before Covid-19 many believed that Northern Ireland was effectively at full employment.

Such is the demand for IT workers, for example, that good staff can now attract 50-60k a year and above. But it is not just in the fast-growing areas of IT, pretty much in all sectors, there are skills shortages. In hospitality, there is a shortage of Chefs, there is a shortage of GP’s, there is a shortage of factory workers etc

We also discuss how Covid-19 is likely to affect future job prospects.

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