#LE19 1st pref votes and share summary

Just a quick post to archive the 1st preference vote totals and the vote share percentages for each party in the 2019 Northern Ireland local government elúctions for posterity – as the vote totals are hard to find elsewhere at the moment.

  • With a higher turnout, the DUP grew their vote and share, while SF grew vote but shrank share.
  • UUP and SDLP lost votes and lost share.
  • Greens, Alliance, and PBP grew votes and share.
  • Tories, UKIP, TUV, PUP haemorrhaged votes and share.
  • On their first outing Aontú became the 11th largest party, ahead of the PUP, UKIP and Conservatives.

Thanks to Peter Donaghy (Salmon of Data) for the raw figures to compile this table.