Ian Paisley apologises to his constituents and colleagues

Some thoughts

I watched his speech as he read it over in the House of Commons, he had Jim Shannon, Sammy Wilson, Paul Girvan and Emma Little Pengelly on the benches with him, after he sat down Jim Shannon patted him on the arm to offer support.

It was odd watching Paisley get emotional, since we are so used to seeing the more confident performer. But from his statement, he seems to be indicating he will hang around for the moment. Since the other parties have asked for him to consider his position, it won’t go away and I am not sure this statement will do anything to move them from that position.

For the DUP, Arlene Foster says he issue is with party officers, but with their stance on Barry McElduff it will be hard for them to not give him some form of punishment and they have a real prospect of a by-election on the horizon.