Arlene Foster attends GAA Ulster Final

Here attendance was welcomed by the Sinn Fein Vice President, Michelle O’Neill;

I very much welcome the attendance of DUP Leader Arlene Foster MLA at today’s Ulster GAA final.

“I along with other Sinn Féin leaders met recently with Prince Charles in order to demonstrate our desire to reach out and respect those across our community of a unionist and British identity.

“We recognise the important significance of Arlene Foster as DUP Leader attending today’s Ulster final and acknowledge and very much welcome her decision to do so.

“She has encouraged others to step forward as well to understand, appreciate and respect another culture perhaps that isn’t theirs in the context of building an inclusive society.

“There is an onus on all in political leadership to build on these recent initiatives and do more together if we want to be successful in bringing about a society underpinned by inclusion.”