500 days without a government – Do we really care?

Today marks 500 days without a government in Northern Ireland. There is a handy website that tracks the days. We only have 89 days to go till we beat the Belgium record (we can do it!).

I suspect I am not the only one who could not give a monkies. There are no massive public protests, more a collective shrug of the shoulders. Personally, I am enjoying the quiet.

What is interesting is even without a government, life rumbles on as normal – the bins get collected, kids get homework, the trains sort of run on time and even the sun occasionally comes out. Our politicians need to be careful as the longer it goes on the more people will ask why do we actually need a local government at all? We know our politicians are incapable of making tough decisions so why do we not just let the anonymous technocrats get on with it?

Another factor in our apathy is people know how ineffective Stormont was when it was in action. It is a depressing thought that it is the only show in town.

Any suggestions for an alternative model of government? Should it really be this hard to manage a population of less than 2 million?