£410 million from DUP Deal to come to Northern Ireland

A substantive portion of the DUP Deal agreed with the Conservative government is to arrive.

From the BBC;

The secretary of state said the allocation from the confidence and supply money includes £80m for health and education pressures.

There will also be £30m to support programmes to address issues of mental health and severe deprivation.

A further £100m goes to the long-term transformation of the health service.

Capital spending for key infrastructure projects will receive a £200m boost.

The budget for the next financial year also includes an above inflation increase in domestic rates.

The DUP Leader, Arlene Foster;

Having called for a Budget to be passed at Westminster, we welcome the Secretary of State’s necessary intervention to give Departments certainty and fund public services for the next financial year. Departments living hand-to-mouth is no way to run public services.

This is Budget contains £410m secured by the DUP as part of our Confidence & Supply Agreement. Cynics doubted the C&S money would ever be delivered but today it has helped achieve an improved Budget compared to the one that many feared. Our efforts will help alleviate pressures in health and education, tackle issues with mental health and deprivation, transform our NHS and build new infrastructure.”