Making the Slugger site and our live events accessible to all…

I made a bit of a blunder last week planning our  ‘The drugs don’t work – our over medicated society…’ event for this Monday night. Upstairs in the Harp Bar is a lovely room but it has one major issue – there are steps up to the room and no lift access.

When a reader enquired with the Bar about disabled access I realised my mistake.  So to make sure our events are open to all I am switching this Monday’s event venue to The Dark Horse Bar which is fully wheelchair friendly. I will also try to make sure all future event locations have good access for all.

I am more than happy to accommodate any special requests readers may have but do me one favour just drop me an email in advance so we can plan. The chap who phoned the bar did not leave a name or contact number so if he is reading this do let me know that you are aware of the venue change.

On the subject of accessibility, we do try to make sure the Slugger website has good readability but if we can do more to make it compatible with screen readers etc do let us know. We are planning a small design revamp soon so if you have any suggestions for improvement do let us know in the comments. I know a larger font size is always a popular request.

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