Sinn Féin moves towards a change in abortion policy

Responding to questioning from journalist Amanda Ferguson yesterday Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has confirmed that he supports women’s right to choose.

Sinn Féin’s Vice-President Mary-Lou McDonald has also made it clear that whilst she respects her party’s current policy (Repeal the Eighth Amendment & enact legislation on the grounds of rape, incest, and fatal foetal abnormality) her personal position is very clear :

“My politics and my view is decidedly pro-choice”

Their colleague in the Dáil Meath TD Peadar Toibin and a number of others within the party have a contrary view and are opposed to any change to the constitution proposed by the forthcoming referendum.

The party’s Ard Fheis takes place in 2 weeks time and a number of motions are due to be debated  that would see the party take up a pro-choice position if adopted.

With more and more senior members being quite upfront about having a personal position supporting a woman’s right to choose it clearly shows that a change in policy is on the horizon.