Michelle O’Neill rejects the Foster proposal

Sinn Fein Leader in the North, Michelle O’Neill has rejected Arlene Foster’s proposal outlined earlier tonight;

Sinn Féin is entirely committed to making the political institutions work for all citizens.

“ For over ten years Martin McGuinness maintained the Executive while seeking to have the outstanding commitments of the agreements implemented with respect and equality for all.

“Over this period the DUP and the British government refused to honor the agreements and operate powersharing on the basis of equality. On that basis Martin McGuiness resigned.

“The statement by the DUP leader demonstrates that they have not listened or acknowledged the reasons of Martin’s resignation.

“Establishing an Executive that may collapse after a matter of months on the same issues will only fail all our people.

“Let’s agree to quickly conclude talks on implementation and rights, that is the only way to build a sustainable Executive that will last.”