Question for the NI Justice Minister…

Here’s something for an incoming Northern Ireland Justice Minister to grapple with…  It’s a question that arises following the UK Government’s decision to provide access for women from Northern Ireland to abortion services in England free on the NHS.

From yesterday’s written answers in Parliament.

Abortion: Northern Ireland

Diana Johnson: [2513]To ask the Minister for Women and Equalities, with reference to her letter of 29 June 2017 on funding for abortions for Northern Irish women in England, what assessment she has made of whether Northern Irish doctors will be able to (a) formally refer women to and (b) inform women of these abortion services in England without fear of prosecution.

Anne Milton: We are currently discussing with key stakeholders the details of the scheme. Further information will be available in due course.

Or Scotland or Wales for that matter.  It’s about equality, after all…


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  • Barneyt

    Sounds like they will be conflicted. Whilst the service has been opened up I’m guessing they are shackled by local legislation …. from 1860 or something. It’s going to take a brave medic to test the water.

  • Mac an Aistrigh

    Clearly this has been well thought through

  • ElamLayor

    Going on for 24hrs now and only 2 comments.This seems to indicate the scarcity of women on this site.The boys appear to be more exercised by big fires and big drums

  • Reader

    ElimLayor: The boys appear to be more exercised by big fires and big drums
    The boys may be waiting for the answers to the questions above.
    Do you want to make a relevant comment or just to complain about the lack of comments from other people?

  • ElamLayor

    OK I’ll bite.As Barneyt says “It’s going to take a brave medic to test the water” and I would support them absolutely.Now could we have a relevant comment from you Reader?