Dodds: “We will work to see an end to the dark tunnel of austerity…”

Interesting line from Nigel Dodds, who leads the DUP at Westminster…

The Belfast North MP said the economic outlook of Northern Ireland would be “easier to predict” with “stable” government both in Belfast and Westminster.

He told MPs: “The electorate sent a very clear message to politicians about austerity at the election, and I think that it’s very clear since that election that people have to listen to what the people said.” Mr Dodds welcomed the election slogan of “prosperity not austerity” used by Tory former minister John Redwood.

He went on: “I’m glad the Chancellor said over the weekend he wasn’t deaf to what was being said.

“For our part, on these benches, we again will work with government in the course of the next period in this Parliament to ensure we do deliver prosperity, do deliver greater spending on health and education, and that we do see an end to the dark tunnel of austerity.

“We’re about strengthening the union, delivering Brexit, defending our country from threats of terrorism at home and abroad, creating prosperity, and keeping Northern Ireland moving forward.

“And it’s in the furtherance of those objectives that we will act and vote in this Parliament over the next five years.”