Slugger TV debuts on NVTV looking at key constituencies of #GE2017

Slugger O’Toole: Episode 1 from Northern Visions NvTv on Vimeo.

Slugger TV debuted on NVTV  last night with a panel of the Irish News Security Correspondent, Allison Morris and our own Alan Meban.

We looked at the key constituencies of the campaign and some of the moments of the election campaign.


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  • Nordie Northsider

    Very enjoyable. Well done.

  • El Daddy

    Great stuff!

  • mjh


  • Croiteir

    Very astute of Allison Morris, I agree, no way McCusker from Ardoyne was going to alienate SF voters by setting himself up for blame if SF run close in North Belfast. But here is a question, why run the young Martin McAuley? I have a question for any North Belfast SDLP person to answer. Did McAuley put his name forward for the council and if so why was he not selected to run?

  • the keep

    Allison Morris the unionists stole the seat off Naomi good grief!

  • CatholicLeft

    Enjoyed it, but no mention of South Down, which is more at risk than Foyle in the SDLP/SF battle, one would have thought.

  • Jag

    Ye might consider putting the programme up on Youtube also. Vimeo has settings which clashes with certain ad-blocking software (like mine!).

  • the Moor

    Well informed punditry.