Can Sinn Fein tell us if the EU protects workers rights or not?

On May Day Sinn Fein were pontificating on workers rights along side their anti Brexit rhetoric,it is worth remembering:

In the book Identity in Northern Ireland: Communities, Politics and Change by Cathal McCall, my own MP for Mid Ulster, Francie Molloy, states “We wouldn’t be happy with.. a United States of Europe..Irish identity would be lost” and that “a fully integrated EU would be to the detriment of vital resources of the Irish identity (Mitchell McGlaughlin discounts a fully integrated EU in the same book). Francie continues by saying “we have basically got rid of one empire ..and the European Empire coming in” and that the EU “is a contradiction with what we want”.

In a joint press release Sinn Fein MEP`s Martina Anderson, Liadh Ní Riada, Matt Carthy and Lynn Boylan have said “We will not be part of the austerity consensus in Brussels”

Lynn Bolan also stated:

There is no doubt that the ordinary people of Ireland are suffering immensely due to the policies of austerity being pushed by the institutions of the European Union. Those people voted in their droves for Sinn Féin at the European Elections in May because they saw that our candidates would stand up to the establishment in Brussels and Strasbourg…..

The policies of at the heart of the European Union have been adopted by compliant governments across the EU in the form of sweeping cuts to social infrastructure and unjust stealth taxes…

The EU should not be about protecting the privilege of banks, the wealthy and big corporations…This has had disastrous consequences for the areas of health, education and social protection. The policies endorsed by the European Union have fostered an unequal society.

Sinn Fein voted no to all previous EU / EEC referendums. Gerry Adams and a raft of others have said the EU institutions have a democratic deficit.

They have accused the European Central Bank of “absolute disregard” for national democratic institutions whilst Martina Anderson MEP has denounced “the right-wing elites of Europe” and the “anti-democratic actions of the ECB, IMF and the European Commission” regarding Greece.

Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDondald has stated “Lisbon lowers wages..In recent years the European Commission…and the European court of Justice have made judgements that have the effect of driving down wages..the Lisbon treaty provides both the Commission and the Court with an even stronger mandate to undermine workers pay and conditions.”

Liadh Ni Riada has said “The economic and fiscal policies of the European Union have had catastrophic effects on the lives of many of its citizens”….”the gap between the rich and poor in the EU is constantly increasing, social rights are being dismantled..and the people of member states are being subordinated to poverty and stagnation”…. “it is unacceptable that Irish fishermen operating in Irish waters are at a massive disadvantage in comparison to other European fishermen.”….”Our fishing industry is effectively wiped out”…..”At the moment, the Irish industry is only processing around 5% of total catch in Irish waters”

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