SDLP Councillor resigns from the party

In today’s Tyrone Herald, Ryan McAleer reports that another SDLP Councillor has resigned from the party in Cookstown.

McAleer reports that Tony Quinn from Cookstown has left the party as he finds the party political process to be “self-seeking.”

Quinn is the 4th SDLP Councillor to quit in the past 12 months and brings the party’s representation on Mid-Ulster District Council to 5.



  • Vince

    Well it could be a lot worse. I don’t think this chap will go off torturing and water boarding some poor guy whilst name dropping Colum Eastwood & heavies like John Hume.

  • Granni Trixie

    Well yes, but you hardly want that to be the standard from which you start?

  • Nevin

    Perhaps Tony prefers to be a political animal rather than a party political one:

    “My priority as an elected representative has always been the needs of my local community, and the greatest need for the community at the moment I believe is credible and trustworthy politics that unites and not divides,” he said.

    “Whether we accept it or not, election after election the northern political parties are being viewed as contributing causes in the division of our communities and so I feel strongly that as an independent I can offer genuine representation across the sectarian divide.” .. Irish News, 02.05.2017