Monday Cartoon: At last, Brexit is triggered…


  • the rich get richer

    Freedom comes at a price……… Sturgeon doesn’t know where she is going at the moment ; one union or another ;one empire or another .

    Duncker could do with a livener……… and Merkel looks envious of Theresa……..

  • Jag

    Outstanding renditions of Juncker, Merkel, May and Sturgeon, there’s real talent there.

    However, the cartoon makes little sense. Why is a race participant firing the starting gun, why is it firing a flag, why is Merkel looking worried, why has Juncker a beer-belly, what is the significance of the Union Jack through May’s head, and it’s a weak construct having Sturgeon run in the direction of an “independence” ad.I suppose the message is May has shot herself in the head by triggering Article 50, but she didn’t have much choice after the referendum and the recent court decisions. And Sturgeon has reacted to the triggering by seeking an independence referendum, but that has been on the cards since the vote last June.

  • Gavin Smithson

    Freedom. It’s a misused word. Its not a local parliament that makes us free but being rich to free oneself from the indentured wage slavery of modern life.

  • Korhomme

    The referendum was supposed to be advisory; it certainly wasn’t mandatory, there was no percentage for accepting it.

    Cameron and may chose to accept it as a vote for Brexit, as ‘the will of the people’. If it seems unlikely, she could have argued that the referendum wasn’t by itself enough to trigger Brexit.

  • Roger

    You answered a couple of your own questions:
    Gun: U.K. Controlled timing. They “triggered” Art 50.
    Why is Merkel worried? Second biggest EU economy committing harakiri and first ever to leave the EU. Plenty of cause for concern there.
    Junker’s belly: I tend not to study his profile too much. Maybe he had one?
    Union Jack through head: Damage British nationalism is doing to itself through Brexit.

  • Steptoe

    Fair point

  • Kevin Breslin

    Sorry but Merkel doesn’t look like she wants to commit political suicide in that picture. Not sure how you can read envy, maybe a bit of concern though. The U.K. Brexiteers at worst have tried to politically suicide bomb the EU, and well that is a path to hell without good intentions.