Theresa May gives the vacuum locked NI Assembly a miss on her pre Article 50 tour…

In a long report about Theresa May’s visit to Scotland to meet Nicola Sturgeon, RTE reports

British Prime Minister Theresa May will not visit Northern Ireland before the triggering of Article 50 on Wednesday. Mrs May had been expected to visit all of the devolved assemblies before formally notifying the European Union later this week of the UK’s plan to leave the bloc.

Note that Northern Ireland is already back in its customary second or third section of RTE’s flagship 6.01 News this evening.

NB Having devolution break also means nullifying our politician’s ability to influence and shape the future.

  • Korhomme

    Were she to come, who would Theresa May meet? There’s no Executive, no Ministers.

    Perhaps a chat with James Brokenshire? Is he really our representative?

  • Keith

    Not only are RTE getting bored with the shenanigans of our politicians, but I note that we don’t feature very high on the agenda of UK media outlets. The May/Sturgeon meeting ranks higher, and that was a non-event.

    We can’t blame May or the media, I blame our petulant local politicians who’d rather play politics than get on with the hard job of governing. Pathetic.


    Her non appearance certainly supports the view of one journalist on R.T.E.last week when he said Mrs May does not give a damn about the North.

  • Neil

    May just strikes me as one of those people. That special mixture of misplaced confidence and bad luck. The idea of a whistlestop tour round the country must have seemed like a surefire winner, but even that more or less foolproof stunt was not to be.

  • Yussarian

    Let’s say hypothetically Stormont was up and running and May chose to grace us with a visit on her grand “we’re taking you out of the EU” tour. What would that change? Some more vacuous soundbites about “this great partnership of nations working together through Brexit”, “NI rising to the challenge again” whatever other tosh her aides cook up for her and leak to the press the night before, a dosh of empty rhetoric about the border to get people distracted and divided so as to not concentrate on the lack of any clear content once again, some photo ops that probably only the DUP would gladly take part in, no media questions as ever and then back to London for the afternoon to decide things her way anyways for the much more numerous people there that voted for it. Regardless of what any one says here.

    Whatever people think of the latest Stormont crisis, I don’t understand why people say it is a shame that we will not have a say in any the direction of Brexit. We never did or would anyways so at least we now have the benefit of May’s behaviour confirming what we already knew, and are spared this complete waste of time.

  • hgreen

    Did we really need to hear more of her Brexit means Brexit and no deal is better than a bad deal hokum? The lady is no more than a puppet for the right wing media.

  • The Irishman

    Excellent post.

  • BonaparteOCoonassa

    The glaring lack of May means it is time for NI to wise up. The oligarchs at Westminster don’t give a tinkers curse for you, and never did. Time to take a new path.

  • lizmcneill

    The PR of the thing looks bad, though. They can’t even get an empty gesture right.

  • Roger

    She has said how much she values the union. A lot. It’s just UKNI isn’t very relevant. It’s politicians have no coherent position.

  • Anon Anon

    Integral part of the Union. Central. Special, even.

  • mac tire

    And yet you want this non relevant part of this unequal union to remain part of it? I can imagine your calm replies if the EU had have said they value the EU but the UK wasn’t very relevant.
    For God’s sake, Roger, have some self respect. We are better than this irrelevancy.

  • Roger

    Don’t tend to dwell on personal preferences.

    I think think the UK will get a dose of reality as to its position or relevance as you put it in the ‘Europe/Global Britain’ negotiations (or impending stand-off and unilateral ruptures?) but suppose that’s another topic…

  • harmlessdrudge

    Lip service is paid by the English to the union when it suits them. The real target for any lip service is in fact Scotland and the fate of NI may depend on part on what the Scots decide about the union.

    The explicit, stated policy of the UK govt is that it has “no selfish long term interest” in NI.

    But of course cultural affiliation will be cherished and paid lip service. Doing so costs nothing.

  • Roger

    I don’t think Ireland’s ever been asked, but I don’t think Ireland would describe its interest in Connacht as “selfish” either.

    Plenty of interest though.