Robin Swann set to become the new UUP Leader

North Antrim MLA, Robin Swann is set to take over as the leader of the Ulster Unionist Party without a contest.

Swann is currently the party’s Chief Whip and was involved with the Ulster Farmers Union.

In a post on Facebook last night he said;

I can confirm that I have submitted papers today to seek election as Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, after receiving support from across the Party including members of our Westminster, Assembly and Local Government teams and I look forward to our Annual General Meeting on the 8th of April.

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  • Charlie Farlie

    You would think!

  • Jollyraj

    And yet miss the point you do….

    I responded to this point, the traditional Republican jibe that NI culture is diatinct ftom mainland British culture:

    “but try and convince your average British person across the sea that ‘this is British culture’ and they will look at you as if you are mad”

    by pointing out that the ‘irishness’ of the sectarian bigotry of Adams and the criminal violence of the IRA is even further removed from what most Irish people would recognize as Irish culture:

    “But try and explain to people in Ireland proper that Irish culture involves killing people who don’t agree with your political aspirations, and having a political party with its own private Green, White and Gold goon squad and…. they will almost certainly look at you as if you’re mad, too.”

    Hint: I am saying that Republican tactics of political violence and sectarian bigotry are NOT representative of Irish culture, and that the Irish of Ireland probably look at NI Republicans as some sort of weird, barbaric, ill-mannered and thoroughly alien tribe.

  • grumpy oul man

    Which of course is highly relevent to who the UUP new leader might be.
    But of course any critism of unionism must not be answered with reasoned debate but instead a bit of whataboutry will do.
    After all whats the point of having a Pavlovian response if you dont get to use it.

  • Ryan A

    In fairness I don’t see any more seats they could quite pick off other than East Antrim 2, and in anycase the DUP attract little outside of what First preferences they get. On a better day in Lagan Valley / Strangford they might actually balance better and take 2.