Bill Clinton’s eulogy for Martin McGuinness and NI’s epic journey…

For the record, whatever you think of Bill Clinton, Northern Ireland seems to bring out something extraordinary in him…

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  • eamoncorbett

    It’s future is down to its residents , no it isn’t, the Tory right wing just dictated a fair old chunk of the future and none of em live in NI.

  • Fear Éireannach

    The EU is not the problem, it is not proposing any change in the border. The problem is the delinquent British government and their DUP allies who want to bring us back to the 1950s.

  • Hugh Davison

    Truth’s a pig, isn’t it? As you say: pointless.

  • Brian Walker

    are you being ironic/ funny? There’s a difference between Clinton possibly liaising with SF and SF writing his speech which would be an absurd claim . I’m speculating on the basis of Adams shepherding him over to be introduced to Bernie and the family hand on his back at an odd moment in the proceedings, after the bishop had welcomed the congregation; There’s also Clinton’s obviously greater familiarity with Adams and McGuinness than anyone else. Clinton said what he wanted say but the secular aspects looked SF sponsored. I’m puzzled why you’d want to deny it

  • andrewjohn

    I’m puzzled as to why its too far a stretch for some to suggest that maybe Clinton did what he did off his own bat. Moreover, its puzzling why some people are disturbed by Adams efforts to simplyintroduce someone who is a close personal friend to mourners in the church. Its pretty standard at funerals for such things to happen and perfectly reasonable that Martins best mate would do it. Or maybe that does not quite sate the appetite of the “bogey man” brigade?

  • MainlandUlsterman

    Of course we aren’t an independent state – that would be the only way to have choice over every aspect of life. We choose rather to be part of a big nation and being in the EU or not was a matter for national referendum, not regional choice.

    NI did not choose for NI to stay in the EU. It voted, or a narrow-ish majority in NI voted, for the UK as a whole to stay in, in a national UK in or out vote. That ended up as the minority view nationally so the UK is leaving the EU. It is not some injustice, unhappy though I am about the result. Idiotic choice for the nation yes, undemocratic or illegitimate no. The Supreme Court was absolutely clear on that.

  • MainlandUlsterman

    Do you mean John Brewer? Not sure who David Brewer is.

    I understand the comment and certainly anti-Catholicism was an important factor at that time. So it is probably fair to say it contributed to the early political development of NI, as did anti-Britishness and anti-Protestantism in nationalist Ireland. As Patterson says “the populist and sectarian dimensions of the new regime must be related to the violent and threatening conditions of its early years.” Craig had a “genuine desire for reconciliation of the two religious traditions.” That it ended up more sectarian in nature than he had wanted Patterson suggests was down to two factors: the IRA’s failure to abide by the Craig-Collins pact which provided for the end of armed activity in NI; and the UUP leadership’s fear of divisions in the Protestant community undermining UUP efforts to establish its authority in the new NI. As he puts it:
    “The period of state formation established a negative and long-lasting dialectic between the sectarian and populist aspects of the northern regime and an aggressive and threatening approach from Dublin, both of which undermined conciliatory tendencies within northern nationalism.”

    That gives a more rounded summary I think than the Brewer quote you picked out.

  • Brian Walker

    No really.. (sigh) Clinton writes his own speech of this kind, right? Next, gestures can be telling. Why was it left to Gerry to introduce him to the family and to do so after the bishop’s welcome? No shock horror. Gerry is v good at choreography. His conduct, perfectly seemly, seemed designed to signal SF hosting the funeral. Apart from the purely religious aspects they did so for the rest of it so why not give the alpearance of being host for this big moment? If you’re a Sinn Fein supporter you’d surely be proud of him escorting the former most powerful man in the world.

  • andrewjohn

    Ah OK so you are really just surmising and assuming. Look quick, a UFO !