Does Gregory really think we don’t know they’re ALL trying to game the BBC?

I do wonder what planet Gregory Campbell’s been living on for the last twenty years. Here he is fulminating against the phenomenon of Alliance party planning a false flag operation:

“The onus falls on the BBC to do something about this,” said Mr Campbell. “Alliance is being pretty clear here they believe the system is being flouted. Surely the BBC should be working very hard to make sure its programmes don’t become a propaganda tool for any party?

“The BBC is a public broadcaster, paid for by the taxpayer, so they’ve got to be impartial and comprehensive in making sure they get it right. If they aren’t doing thorough checks on people, why not?

Political parties? Trying to game the BBC? Who knew?

Cue the usual dialogue from Casablanca:

Rick: How can you close me up, on what grounds?

Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find gambling is going on in here.

Croupier: Your winnings sir.

Captain Renault: Oh, thank you very much. Everybody out at once!

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  • CatholicLeft

    You must remember this…..

  • Neonlights

    Did Gregory Campbell suggest how the BBC assess the political background of the callers? Personally, I don’t think that’s possible in a Call In. We’ve all heard over the years the whataboutery – when the Quinn babies were murdered before Drumcree it wasn’t long before David Dunseith heard from callers who wanted to let him know about the hearsay line that the father was a bad-un and it was just a wee accident how they’d been burned to death. Not the best example of propaganda perhaps, but everyone is at it. Perhaps the BBC can ask them to spell RHI and make a equal opportunities monitoring style assessment on the basis of their pronunciation.

  • Stevo763

    So essentially Gregory, if we support or are a member of any party in NI, don’t bother call in to the BBC to express a view on the issues of the day as we will be screened out as propaganda? Oh ok…

  • rg

    Correct Gregory. The BBC of course in it’s usual way will play the thing as a joke. No credibility left for Crawley as a result. Start Hugo Duncan at 12 md from now on.

  • Nevin

    I’ll spin this yarn a little differently. Two politicians, in this case Gregory Campbell and Doug Beattie, have taken advantage of a wardrobe malfunction to embarrass the BBC with a little help from the Belfast Telegraph and an APNI spin doctor. In football parlance, it was a tap in. It does make a change from players on the media team who take delight in tripping-up players on the politicians team!

  • Brian Walker

    As a old producer of election phone-ins in London and a reporter on the first 10 or so elections after 1969 at home I’m no stranger to parties crowd- packing access to the airwaves. But by merging social media with BBC output this took entryism to a new level and was not quite cricket. Did flaunting it it do them any good or did they really think that Facebook is also in the dark web? It all seemed a bit PTQ. And you’d think Alliance callers would be easy enough to vet in the pre-chat. In my day…etc…etc.. (BW aged 120).

  • Donal O’Hanlon

    With only 7% voting Alliance they had a potential 93% agin them. They were right to even that up a bit. They couldn’t have stood back and waited for the Gavin Robinson fan club to pass the usual compliments. We recognise it when it happens, callers who are nauseatingly sycophantic and we automatically adjust our clapometers to allow for it.
    Aren’t we all secretly glad that Naomi is a bit of a cheeky girl? #realworld

  • Jack fotheringham

    Where are the constituency profiles or am I missing something?

  • aquifer

    So? In their election coverage the BBC game the election in favour of the incumbents.

    I pay my license fee and won’t vote SFDUP, I want to know more about my options.

  • Granni Trixie

    Pre vet? I hope not,other than the usual keeping an eye on ‘balance’. In the context of a place where most media stories are framed in orange and green assumptions I think there is nothing wrong with those who identify outside traditional boundaries struggling to get space for their views.