Bear with us as we try to remove those terrible Disqus ads from the comments area…

Disqus is the system we use to power the comments on Slugger. The company has started to put ads into our comments section of our site without even telling us. As you can imagine I am extremely annoyed at this – I hate crappy online ads as much as you do.

Supposedly we can remove the ads if we pay them $10 a month, but as yet there is no mechanism on their site to do this. I don’t mind paying as Disqus is generally good but the way they have made this change is really annoying their users.

I should have the ads removed in the next day or two. I am also exploring alternative comment systems should we need to switch.

At Slugger we will only ever run static ads from quality advertisers. Because we don’t plaster the site with crappy ads the ads we do have perform really well. If you are interested in reaching over 70,000 Slugger readers a month give me a shout: [email protected] I will do you a deal 😉