Foster “Let me make it clear the DUP will always defend unionism”

The now former First Minister, Arlene Foster has issued a brief response to Martin McGuinness;

I am disappointed that Martin McGuinness has chosen to take the position he has today.

His actions have meant that, at precisely the time we need our Government to be active, we will have no government and no way to resolve the RHI problems.

It is clear that Sinn Fein’s actions are not principled they are political.

Let me make it clear the DUP will always defend unionism and stand up for what is best for Northern Ireland and it appears from the Deputy First Minister’s resignation letter that is what annoys Sinn Fein the most.

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  • T.E.Lawrence

    Vote right down the card and leave DUP last ! That is the solution !

  • murdockp

    not my point at all. my point is a sarcastic dig at the only legislation delivered by the assembly is based on religous fundamentalist ideology as they ensure we all live pious lived whist they are corrupt to the core.

    I see enough Romanian immigrants in my town washing cars in the freezing cold in wet tracksuits on a pittance controlled by gang masters to remind myself that stormont does not give a damn about the exploitation of people. it’s all about religion.

    my sarcasm my be too deep for you.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    A while back that excellent commentator David Crookes chided me on Slugger for posting ironic comment. As he said, peopel might take me seriously as they are not mind readers. Thank you for the partial explanation, and I hearily concur with your first paragraph about double standards amongst some politicians.

    But, even if the DUP was acting from Old Testement zeal, the Green party clearly were not, but were concerned at the sexual exploitation of women. There is genuine indignation both within the Green party and certainly amongst those Greens elected on this important issue and I’m still rather confused about just how it is wrong for concerned people, (even some politicians), to try and address the sexual explotation of women?

  • Cináed mac Artri

    Resignation is a rather negative response surely? Why not stay and lobby to have the ‘national question’ put into the 19th century bin where it belongs?

    Also why does Allance only perform in “unionist heartlands”? Why are ‘nationalist heartlands’ not susceptible to its message? If unionists can be progressive and be weaned off their brand of nationalism and vote Alliance (or Green) why can’t Irish nationalists?

  • Dan

    Its the hectoring tone which has me reaching for the remote.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    OH, I don’t know, I find it rather endearing myself! But she is that rarity amongst local politicians, a sincere person, and that, along with her genuine demands for honesty and transparency are a rare enough quality here, that I’d be reluctant to loose. A

    And regarding teh quality of her “hectoring”, Naomi comes an “also ran” against real professionals in the field such as Arlene and the late Lord Bannside!

  • T.E.Lawrence

    Any person who disagrees with the behavior of Arlene should vote right down the card and leave the DUP to last on a PR Ballot Paper – That would do the punishment !

  • Fear Éireannach

    The US will make a deal to suit itself. In any case, what difference exactly will a trade deal with the US make to NI? How will that help the farmer in Tyrone whose milk is currently processed in the Republic and who receives EU support?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    But in those interviews with Eamonn Mallie just before he died, did the late Lord Bannside not make it clear that it was the threat of the Westminster administration to move to Irish Unification “without passing ‘GO'” which forced him to act so? Anecdotally too, I know, but those I know who also knew the man tell me that he was acting under duress in the “Chuckle Brothers” double act. So credit for his “conversion” must be seen in the light of what he himself has made public on this matter.

  • J D

    Fair enough, triggered on the “must vote” – being surrounded by moronic dead ender Hillary Clinton idiots the past few months telling me that I MUST vote for the Lesser of Two Evils – Hillary Clinton. Gaah. F*cking told them she was bad enough to lose to Trump.

    On the bright side I think SF and Adams can work Trump much, much better than the prickly obnoxious and anti-social Unionists. So you know, could get very interesting. Especially if SF offer Trump an IRA themed Golf Course opportunity in South Armagh 😉

  • Gingray

    Katyusha, I agree, I think it suited SF to stay in Government as long as possible, as being in with the DUP showed that they are willing to work with anyone, allowed them to build up a degree of competency, but eventually show that NI is unworkable.

  • hotdogx

    I believe this is the only way the assembly can work. DUP’s mandate must be reduced. Listening to some on the Nolan show it looks like they may continue to vote DUP until they get an inquiry into RHI but honestly I don’t think even that will make some people wake up.
    The DUP are in a terrible position as seen from the window of any normal state around the world and unionism still can’t see it. The best on the show was Naomi, she stated all the facts and without defending SF explained that they & nationalists in general are treated in a disgraceful manner. I’m no sinn feiner but honestly Marty was right, it would have been great to have the inquiry though! Can we count on you not to vote DUP.
    If SF is the biggest party will the UUP or DUP work with them.
    Then the British might go and do something rather rash as they would put it…
    NI is ungovernable with Arlene as FM and DUP as biggest party, let’s see if unionism can think outside the box. No more POC’s
    There was an interesting girl on who was agnostic on the whole thing, maybe centre parties could gain from this.

  • Gingray

    Maybe, maybe not. On May 2016numbers, I think the Greens would lose Belfast South, but now, with a winning candidate, I think they are a shoo in.

    In North Down, depends on whether Wilson runs and Alliance put up 2 candidates, but the votes are there, just about, for 2 non Unionist candidates (Alliance 16.7%, Green 12.7%, Other 7.2%, Other Us 6.1%, UUP 15.5%, DUP 41.7%).

  • hotdogx

    Most interesting is Nesbit who says no electoral pacts this time, it will be all-out war!!

  • T.E.Lawrence

    “Can we count on you not to vote DUP” Absolute Cert ! I will not be voting for corrupt arogant greedy elitests !

  • grumpy oul man

    What shouty lecturing, i think you might have been listening to Gregory!

  • grumpy oul man

    TE, i unfortunately think the DUP will be returned as the biggest party but if there numbers get reduced to the point where they can no longer use POCs then we might have a chance of better government, since they will have to engage in actual politics and not the arrogant why they acted in the past.
    Any suggestions for my voting tactics heres how i plan to go at the moment (subject to available candidates)
    !/ PB4P
    2/ Alliance
    after this im a bit foggy but will probably vote by how i rate the honesty and integrity of the available candidates which will probably rule out either the DUP or SF.

  • T.E.Lawrence

    I don’t care who ends up the biggest party as long as whoever it is ends up below 30 MLAs to finish that hateful POC ! Vote all the way down the card even SF & DUP at the lowest end of the ballot paper. I once stood at a count many moons ago and F all around me for watching 28 votes be transferred from the UDP candidate to SF until Peter Emerson (Greens) took me by the hand and ran me through the mechanisms of PR Voting Procedures and how votes are transferred and distributed once you stop your selection numbers on a ballot paper. It was a complete eye opener and taught me why to vote right down the card !

  • eamoncorbett

    She’s gone all Trumpy.

  • grumpy oul man

    I knew Peter very well, a very smart man with a good heart and he had NI politics sussed.

  • T.E.Lawrence

    Agree – A total gentleman !

  • Hugh Davison

    ‘Also why does Allance only perform in “unionist heartlands”?’. Who said that? Not Murdochp.

  • Cináed mac Artri

    In the post murdockp stated a “lurch back to unionism” within Alliance. The reason given was a need “to win votes in unionist heartlands”. It seems perfectly reasonable from that information to assume that it is within “unionist heartlands” that Alliance gets its votes.

    You must have a different experience? Is it your position that Alliance performs equally well in nationalist areas? I’m glad to hear it. Although I’m now confused as to why murdockp seemingly alone has identified a return to unionism within Alliance, and to the extent of citing it as a reason to resign from the Party.

  • hotdogx

    good man yerself TE L, you are one of the good guys. It is times like this that may bring the Anglo Irish and the Gaelic Irish closer together.

  • Hugh Davison

    If there’s a perceived need to win votes in Unionist heartlands then they must think they don’t get enough votes in Unionist heartlands. Or what???
    Again,can you answer the question I asked earlier?

  • Cináed mac Artri

    I did explain my reasoning in the first paragraph of my reply to you. Ok, that must have been way too deep. Herewith my V2 (spell-it-out option): murdockp did not “say” that Alliance only performed in unionist heartlands. That was my interpretation of the post.

    I hope that’s easier to understand.

    I expect the reason you didn’t even attempt to address my own questions as to why my summation appeared so adrift from your understanding of reality was also due to being confused with my prose.

    No problem. Don’t trouble yourself any further. I’m only happy that I’ve answered your question. At least I hope I’ve answered it. 😀

  • Hugh Davison

    Perhaps English isn’t your first language. Or perhaps you have a tendency to interpret plain English in a way that has hidden meanings.
    The contributor said that Alliance ‘in reality need to win votes in Unionist heartlands’. So does any party. You appear to be turning this into an argument about their performance in non-Unionist heartlands, which is not referred to in the post.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    There was a story doing the rounds years ago about a Japanese railway big wig who commuted hari Kari on account of the shame endured by having a late train on his watch.

    What an idiot, it turns out all he needed to do to save face was shout “fleg!” (Or “union”)

  • Cináed mac Artri

    Perhaps your intellect doesn’t stretch to exploring, questioning and attempting to understand another’s motivation for an opinion they express? The ‘why’ behind an opinion is obviously of no importance to you. Ok with me. I’m not in the business of defining anyone’s chosen approach to replying to a post on an open forum.

    It does beg the question why you bothered replying to me in the first place (to be clear that is NOT a question I am posing to you). Adopting your approach, confining myself to only the words you used, there’s no discernible answer there. Not that it bothers me you understand. I find I have come to the point of having no interest whatsoever in your motivations.

  • Hugh Davison

    Oh, listen to yourself would you? This conversation began when I asked you a simple question of fact, which you couldn’t answer. Instead you chose to go on and on about your intellectual superiority in the usual ‘sneer and jeer’ manner.