Maírtín, quick to lay into Bell – not so quick for Foster

Just a curious observation following Finance Minister Maírtín Ó Muilleoir commenting yesterday on the ongoing RHI situation, where he refused to say if he retained confidence in the DUP leader.

Quite a stark contrast to when the Finance Minister appeared before the Finance Committee to answer questions raised over the Daithí McKay/Jamie Bryson deep throat situation. When Jonathan Bell began to give Ó Muilleoir a hard time in the witness seat, the Finance Minister was irascible in his replies.

Ó Muilleoir refused to give any respect to Bell in his line of questioning, continuously speaking over Bell and indeed speaking over Little-Pengelly as the committee chair, with such zingers as, “As the man who did more to bust the finances of this government than anyone…”

The finance minister seemed to make his opinions perfectly clear throughout the exchange that as far he saw it, he was having to clean up the mess left behind over the RHI scheme by Bell during his incumbency.

Interesting how, when the focus shifts from Bell to Foster, Ó Muilleoir is reserved, respectful and unwilling to provide such cutting soundbites.

What is it they say about being given enough rope?