Be nice to people on your way up…

Everyone will be watching Nolan Live tonight with bated breath (and popcorn). What will Jonathan Bell say? Will he produce documents and materials that will amount to a de facto ‘smoking gun’?

The SDLP has said that they will table a motion of no confidence in the First Minister on Monday. People before Profit have organised ‘Arlene must go’ rallies for tomorrow and their timing (whilst fluky) is perfect given that people will be presumably reeling from tonight’s interview with Jonathan Bell.

How some parties approach the next few days may now need to be reviewed dependent on what revelations or allegations are levelled tonight. Indeed if they are as explosive as Stephen Nolan has said or there are official documents that contradict what the First Minister has told the public then it makes her position untenable.

When questioned on BBC Evening Extra last night the Finance Minister Máirtín Ó Muilleoir refused to say that he had confidence in the First Minister.

If that smoking gun is produced then the continuance of Arlene Foster as First Minister will be nothing more than a farce and Sinn Féin should be weary of taking positions that by intent or not support Foster. Likewise it should not be forgotten that Claire Sugden is a member of the Executive and her thoughts on the First Minister are also worth establishing.

The First Minister’s credibility is evaporating by the day.

Its well known that there have been differences between Arlene Foster and Jonathan Bell in the past. It reminds me of that saying

‘Be nice to people on your way up because you’ll meet them on your way down.’