“…but I withheld the names. Adams said ‘that’s not the way we operate.’”

I’m in complete admiration for the way Sinn Fein continues to believe in their leader, no matter how implausible the scenario. This week’s implausible scenario features an email Mr A sent to An Garda Siochana just days before February’s general election.

Gareth McKeown in the Irish News explains:

Mr Adams named a number of senior Sinn Féin figures suspected of the 1983 murder of Brian Stack in an email sent to Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan back in February.

Three of those named are said to be well-known politicians, while a fourth man is a suspected former IRA boss according to a report in the Irish Independent.

The email sent on February 23, three days before the General Election – has now been passed on to detectives investigating the shooting.

It is believed gardaí will now interview a number of those included.

However, today’s Irish Times, reports:

The Taoiseach has called on Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams to clarify the confusion surrounding names he gave to the Garda Commissioner relating to the murder of a prison officer.

Mr Adams has said the names of three Sinn Féin figures, and a fourth former IRA figure, said to be connected with the murder of Brian Stack in 1983, were given to him by Austin Stack, Mr Stack’s son. Austin Stack has denied this.

Okay. Here’s what Mr Stack says:

“I gave him an outline of what I knew but I withheld the names. He said ‘that’s not the way we operate.’ I was quite shocked when the guards came to me and notified me that they had this email and they wanted me to make a statement. I was very shocked”.

“I am absolutely clear I never gave Gerry Adams those names. I never had a discussion with him around names. He did ask me but I wouldn’t tell him.”

 In defence of his actions, Adams said this:

“I passed the names on to the Garda Commissioner while making clear that I have no information on the death of Brian Stack. The Gardaí are the only body that can investigate this matter. I am prepared to co-operate with them on this.”

So, if Gerry really had no direct evidence to over, and Austin Stack did not give him the names, why’s he even talking to the Guards? And where did he get those names from?