President Trump – Welcome to the post-truth world

 WARNING: the following article may contain elements of truth.

The gongs of Big Ben that welcome 2017 will be greeted not but the clinking of glasses and a chorus of Auld Lang Sang, but rather a huge sigh of relief. 2016, the year from hell will finally be behind us.

It brought a cull of beloved musicians and artists, Brexit, and now, the rise to power of the Donald.

Yes, it’s true, the unthinkable has happened, a man who is a stranger to truth and taste, who lives in a golden tower and who looks like he has had three coats of Ronseal and a mummified ferret on his head, will be president of the United States.

If things keep going as they are, next year the Grim Reaper will take his scythe to the Rolling Stones and surviving Beatles while Marine Le Pen will become president of France.

Still, believe me folks, the satire it’ll be so great, you’ll get fed up laughing, believe me.

Anyway, the Donald won bigly after getting almost two million fewer votes than his opponent. In America, it’s not the number of votes that count but where they are cast.

The House of Representatives is openly gerrymandered by the Republican party while the Senate, where all states are regarded as equal, favours the Republicans who have higher levels support in more, but less populous states.

Meanwhile, the Electoral College, which actually elects the president, disproportionately favours, you guessed it, less populous states that tend to be Republican.

So was this an election or a coup d’état? Probably an election but given past shenanigans who can say?

The National Security Agency has claimed Russia hacked the election to get Trump elected, but they’re probably sneering, sore-loser, liberal types. Old Vlad, ruler of a country where journalist and opponents die in strange mysterious circumstances, made it clear where his sympathies lie, and as one pithy commentator said, why spend billions on tanks and planes when you can get your guy into the White House with a $1,000 laptop?

Just when you think things could not go any lower, Comey the FBI director, hereto a pro-Hillary stooge, throws a hand grenade into the whole thing by saying there are hundreds of thousands of e-mails that MAY be relevant to his interminable investigation into Hillary.

Everyone assumes the worst and her numbers tank. It turns out the e-mails may have been related to Anthony Weiner, a congressman known largely, if that is the right word, for sending pictures of his, er, weiner to women.

Trump promptly praised Comey for having the integrity to help him in his hour of need but then, with a few days to go, when Comey declares there was nothing to the e-mails, he promptly becomes an establishment lackey again.

In another sign that this campaign was so bizarre as to be almost beyond belief, the fact one candidate had the endorsement of the Klu Klux Klan was not a matter of debate or even surprise.

Trump discovered early on that he could say and do whatever he wanted; each outrage only him even more popular.

He boasted he could shoot somebody in broad daylight and Fifth Avenue without it affecting his popularity and you know what? He was right. The man with the Golden Throne who says it’s smart not to pay taxes, is going to lead the suckers that do to the promised land.

What’s more, he claims he will repatriate all the jobs that were outsourced to CHI-NA by him and people like him, including presumably, the ones that made his ‘Make America Great Again’ hats.

All the illegals will be kicked out because they’re rapists and Bad Hombres, and Muslims will be banned from coming into the US. Those that are already there will be forced to register.

Capping this disgrace, the shameful internment of loyal Japanese-Americans in the hysteria following Pearl Harbor is being used to justify and legitimise it.

This apparently is not bigotry or racism, just telling it like it is.

Polls, a discredited tool I know, indicate the majority of Trump voters do not see him as qualified for the job, but voted for him anyway. I don’t know how the next four years will pan out but the early signs are not good.

The Donald looked like a startled rabbit when he visited Obama in the Oval office. He has made conciliatory noises but the rogue’s gallery he has lined up for his cabinet, make me nostalgic for the warm fuzzy days of ‘W’, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

Trump seems determined to have as many family members as possible involved government and his daughter Ivanka sat in while he welcomed the Japanese Prime Minister, Mr. Abe to Trump Tower.

The next four years are going to be a circus.

In the last few days he agreed to paid out $25 million in a civil fraud case and nobody seems to care.

He says he will make persecution of certain groups, either by country of origin, faith, sexual orientation or gender the law of the land and his voters don’t seem to mind.

The so-called liberal media that gave him a free ride, who never mentioned his pending court cases, who never asked him to explain when America ceased to be great, who let him off the hook about his thousands of past lawsuits and tax avoidance will sit back and let him take America to the cusp of fascism.

They created this monster and it will devour them.

  • He can mock the disabled and his voters don’t think it is important.
  • He can have the full support of the Klu Klux and his voters don’t mind
  • He can boast about abusing his positon of wealth and power to indecently assault women and his voters don’t mind
  • He can make ‘facts’ up as he goes along and his voters don’t mind
  • He can insult Mexicans and his voters don’t mind.
  • He can avoid taxes and his voters don’t mind.
  • He can demonise a billion people and his voters don’t mind.
  • He wants to take away women’s rights and turn the clock back forty years and his voters don’t mind.

The bitter musing of a member of the liberal elite? Jamais!  I’m just telling it like it is (maybe), because these things are only true if you believe them. Reality no longer matters.

Sam Thompson is an occasional blogger, writer and historian, his latest book is ‘The Lesser Evil: A Political & Military History of World War II 1937-45‘
You can find him on Twitter at: @JarrieSam

  • Harry Meneely

    Its about time Americans had another American president.Enough of the Kenyan imposter.Go the Donald..MAGA.

  • Patrick Mac

    ” … They created this monster and it will devour them … ” – the bullet-pointed list that followed is simply a mirror opposite of what the left and the whining liberals have been getting away with for many, many years, nay decades, at this juncture. Suck it in !!!

  • Aguirre
  • Kipper
  • Aguirre
  • Guardian’s Quitter

    The main problem is people still won’t let a few left wingers decide what’s best for them.

  • Benthic

    I reckon before ‘left wingers’ it should read ‘privileged left wingers’?

  • Benthic
  • Sean Murphy

    Today i will be mostly drinking Democrat tears Trumpilicious

  • npbinni

    Only 300 of America’s 3,000+ counties voted for Clinton. Trump will have well over 300 electoral votes when all is said and done. People want us to forget that Bill Clinton served two terms, but both times became president after having received less that 50% of the vote (43% in ’92 & 49% in ’96). So it works for the goose as well as the gander.

    The GOP now controls the White House, the Senate, the House, two out of three governorships and two out of three State Houses. Trump is gathering a formidable team around him, packed with enormous talent and ready to take on the challenges for America. Things are certainly looking up for the Republicans.

    Nothing post-truth about all that, eh?

  • lizmcneill

    And the plot thickens! “In Wisconsin, Ms Clinton received 7 per cent fewer votes in counties that depended on electronic-voting machines compared to countries that used optical scanners and paper ballots”…hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Patrick Mac

    Most likely the first of many false accusations from the losing side, and their supporters.
    Accept that the right thing happened liz. HRC would have been a disaster for the USA and the world.

  • mickfealty

    Harry, we certainly don’t lack humour, or a sense of bitter irony. But if you do just want to troll, go someplace else?

  • mickfealty

    Liz, I think we need to acknowledge that Hillary got fairly and (just as importantly) constitutionally hammered in the Electoral College.

    It wasn’t even close. The rest is a conspiracy of (“Bitter Irony Alert”) Trumpian proportions. And the word ‘rigged’ should be outlawed from the discourse.

    I’ve a piece of my own on the way which takes a rather different view on this matter from Sam’s self evidently emotional take.

  • aquifer

    So only the GOP to blame from now on, or find some other scapegoat?

    What is Fox news going to chew on now?

  • Maximum Overdrive

    If Clinton had won, our children would have had no future.

  • Harry Meneely

    So sorry if i hurt your feelings.I can understand that with Brexit and now Trump,it must be a trying time.

  • Biftergreenthumb

    “People want us to forget that Bill Clinton served two terms, but both times became president after having received less that 50% of the vote (43% in ’92 & 49% in ’96). So it works for the goose as well as the gander.”

    Not the same thing though, is it? No one is complaining that Trump got less that 50% of the vote. They are complaining that he got less votes than Clinton.

    You are correct that Bill Clinton got 43% in ‘92 and 49% in ‘96 but he still got more votes and therefore a higher % of votes than his rivals.

    In 1992 Clinton got 44,909,806, Bush got 39,104,550 (37.4%) and Perot got 19,743,821 (18.9%). In 1996 Clinton got 47,401,185, Dole got 39,197,469 (40.7%) and Perot got 8,085,294 (8.4%).

    In a 3 horse race it is always very likely that the winner will get less than 50%. No one is complaining about that. What they are complaining about us that with the electoral college system a candidate can win even though they got less votes (both in terms of absolute figures and in terms of %) than their revivals. This happened in Trumps case but not in Bill Clintons. So talk of geese is completely inappropriate.

  • Patrick Mac

    Oh, I should have added liz – there was no plot. However, the left and other disruptive types have been plotting furiously for a very long time indeed. Your thoughts ?

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Sam, you seem to have fallen hook line and sinker for the propaganda trying to demonise Trump. It hasnt crossed your mind thst its all accusation and name calling, with little facts to back them up?Did you even watch one of his rallies on YouTube? The 10s, up to 50k crowds? Do you know what Project Veritas is? Are you aware of all the ‘Trump supporters attacking people’ incidents being exposed as hoaxes? Do you seriously not wonder why none of this information available on the interweb, with video, never makes it to TV news?
    There has been a few of these antI Trump posts on slugger. All repeating what the person has heard on msm news and social media. All have been utterly destroyed by informed slugger posters.
    Is there no slugger contributor that is aware of the elite controlled propaganda machine spewing out lies?

  • Sir Rantsalot

    The George Soros controlled voting machines would have contributed bigly to Hillary’s winning states. Has been discussed for last few months on interweb…

  • lizmcneill

    Most of the things Trump accused Clinton of are things he does himself. Maybe rigging was on his mind, so it fell out of his mouth?

  • lizmcneill

    And Trump hastening climate change is going to be just fine?

  • Patrick Mac

    Elaborate, please. What do you mean by ‘hastening climate change’ ?

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    He said what was needed to get in, Blair did similarly.
    Honestly, give over, the man is President and let’s hope he does a decent job.

  • npbinni

    Mere details, my dear BGT. Of course Trump was smart in not even visiting places where he had no chance of winning in order to focus on places that mattered. Clinton was dumb enough to assume Wisconsin would vote for her, and didn’t even visit the place. The best competitor won the race fair and square. But now Dems want to change the rules.

    But hey, just wait until 2018 when Republicans will have the chance to pick up 5-6 more senators from vulnerable Dems running in red states. Then Trump will really have the wind behind his back.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    I have to say that as of late i’ve been rather disturbed by the ‘direction’ of things.

    For example, Milo Yianopolous (?) Cheerleads the ‘alt right’ as in “yes, we’re right of centre but not as you know it” and now in the wake of Trumpseig we see the piling together of the ‘alt right’ and the extreme right, practically overnight when clearly a gay Jew with a string of black boyfriends has very little in common with a KKK member.

    To me that’s a tad fishy.

  • Biftergreenthumb

    “The best competitor won the race fair and square. But now Dems want to change the rules.”

    You are absolutely right: the rules are the rules and there is no point complaining about them after the race is over. Trump won fair and square. And maybe you will be proved right about Trump going from strength to strength. Time will tell.

    However, the fact is Trump’s victory cannot be interpreted as a sign of a resurgent right. The people voted for Clinton. Trump only got 62,337,643(46.37%) popular votes while Clinton got 64,433,399 (47.93%). Clinton was a terrible candidate and Trump won by a technicality.

    Both candidates got less votes and a lower % of votes than Obama in both of the elections in which he won. In 2008 Obama got 69,498,516 (52.9%) and in 2012 he got 65,915,795 (51.1%).

  • lizmcneill

    He’s said he wants to withdraw the USA from the Paris accords, he wants to scale back Nasa’s climate and earth science research (

  • eamoncorbett

    Hope he doesn’t get impeached or face charges of sexual assault or violating the constitution , keep an eye out for events after Inauguration Day , in particular the White House press briefings . Keep an eye out for the policies of his billionaire Education Secretary and the other billionaires in the cabinet , I’m pretty sure they’ll look after places like South Bronx , Harlem and parts of Brooklyn . These guys will surely re open the steelworks in Pittsburg , the coal mines in Virginia . The only problem with protecionism is that for every job you protect another one gets lost , that’s the way life is , but don’t let the truth get in the way of a good lie , if you seriously believe the man from Central parks ivory tower then good for you .
    Trump’s presidency will be a rollicking success if you are rich and independent , if not then you won’t fit in .

  • John Collins

    And Camaron promised a Referendum in order to ensure his own re-election, when he probably would have been returned anyway.

  • John Collins

    And despite Obama”s utterly clear cut wins on both occasions some of the sanctimonious right are complaining still about the result. While in holiday in Florida I heard a group of middle aged men ‘prophesising’ that Mitch Romney would ‘wipe the floor “with the Kenyan,as they called him, in 2012. That did not work out very well.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    And they have “a future” now?

  • Sir Rantsalot

    The controlled left campaign against free speech, is doing what it always does. Wrap up all dissenting voices under a single label, demonize that label non stop in their controlled media. So the average person will have an automatic reaction of ‘ooohhh they’re bad’ when anyone is labeled alt right. Its crazy that this worked recently on Milo to get him banned from speaking at his own old school in England, despite all the students being keen to hear him.

    I think the wave of alternative news media is now too big for MSM manipulation to work though. It cant be too much longer before the pizzagate pedo / Satanist scandal about Podesta and other Dems becomes common knowledge !