Join us this Monday for the first Slugger Salon – Understanding The Donald’s Victory…



The Slugger Salon is our new series of live talks and debates. The first one will look at the US election results. What does it mean for America? Globalisation? What challenges and opportunities are there for Northern Ireland?

You’re invited to join in with the discussion of The Donald’s Victory along with the Slugger team and some invited guests who will bring their expertise to the conversation.

Speakers include:
-David McCann – slugger deputy editor
-Alan Meban – slugger contributor
-Chris Raymond – US politics expert from QUB
-Dr Therese Cullen – American citizen and QUB Irish Studies graduate
-Lee Reynolds – DUP policy team

We also hope to have Stefan Andreasson – US politics expert from QUB.

Tickets are free but we do ask that you consider giving us a donation on the night. We want to do more live events but we need your support to cover the costs.

The Salon is run in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast.


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  • Patrick Mac

    there’s little to understand Brian, except that the liberal show has ran out of fizz, right ?

  • What’s to understand? He won the electoral college vote.

    A better question is why the media [and the Democratic Party] got it so wrong…

    “What does it mean for America? Globalisation?”

    No-one knows. Yet. Ask the question in a years time and you might have a chance of an informed discussion.

    “What challenges and opportunities are there for Northern Ireland?”

    It’s not about us.

    But would a Hillary victory have required the same salon questions? No.

    That’s, probably, why he won.

    Hope and Change!


    He said clearly he would put USA interests first and being the next President is that wrong?

  • 05OCT68

    What will Trump’s presidency mean for the concept of American Exceptionalism given his America first “policy statements” ?

  • Thought Criminal

    I’m sure those “experts” will be able to tell us so much if they are in the usual “liberal” cultural Marxist mould as is the norm for Slugger.

    A better question to ask is why so many are still under cultural Marxist mind control and still voting for globalists like Clinton in the coastal blue states, and what can be done to deprogram them and to stop them voting for Democrat-party degeneraccy and against their own interests in the future.

  • Sir Rantsalot

    The answer to understanding DT’s win is simple. Stop listening to the MSM, BBC, Sky News, Newspapers etc, when it comes to politics and matters that you already know won’t be reported fully in the press. People reading independent media for news, have known for many months that there is a big wave of support for DT that has not been seen before. Anti elite establishment. If you listen to the media that is controlled by the elite establishment, then you will only get their false propaganda.

  • Sir Rantsalot

    You should also discuss the media brain washing that a lot of the public were, and still are, affected by. In Brexit we had ‘Project Fear’, end of the world if the UK leaves the EU. In the US election, ‘Project Fear’ has a section of the population in actual fear of Trump, thinking that he is a monster that will destroy the US, and so on. This is mind control. Just look at the crying SJWs over losing the election, some of them look to be in a real terror fear state.

  • Zorin001

    This is an honest question so don’t feel like this is a trap, but what exactly is wrong with Social Justice? Shouldn’t we strive for fair and equitable treatment for all?

  • I’m sure the diverse audience will have their say too!

  • Granni Trixie

    I think the idea of organising discussion events is great and I wish you well. It will be interesting to see however how many takers the are for this particular one. Personally, I find the rise of Trump-ism too depressing to contemplate.

  • Granni Trixie

    Have you any evidence for asserting that it is mind control or irrational fear when people believe that Trump could set back advances In for example equality for women or in value for diversity? The impact on USA culture of Trumps model of behaviour is inestimable. Not to mention that he has the power to press the button,

    I think it’s totally understandable that in the absence of hope people feel despair.

  • Granni Trixie

    So he’s restricting damage he will inevitably inflict to the USA? Many will be happy if he sticks to that.

  • Sir Rantsalot

    waiting for my post to be approved by the slugger thought police !

  • Cosmo

    sorry, can’t make it on Monday.
    Trump offered hope of change (albeit high risk). Clinton offered just more of the same and no hope. Unfortunately, she is part of Obama’s legacy of missed opportunities – where he should have delivered some justice on behalf of the little people, by inditing Bush and His Neo-Con Advisors for the War; and the Bankers for the Financial Crisis.

  • William Anderson


  • Declan Doyle

    I agree. The southern press is expert at this coming up to elections. The vicious attacks on SF and worse; the attempt to dehumanise their reps and activists would actually make Donald Trump blush.

  • ted hagan

    We’re somehow supposed to believe from Trump supporters that he ‘didn’t really mean the nasty bits’ about women; gays, Mexicans, Muslims, etc, etc,’ but that he was genuine when it came to the ‘good’ bits of his rhetoric… make the US great again, help the poor, take on the ‘establishment’ etc, etc, etc. The guy is just a bullshit artist who has conned millions of vulnerable people.

  • Abucs

    Interesting perspective.

  • Roger

    What has The Irish Examiner being saying?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    A little bit more reading needed, TC! What you are actually thinking of is Frankfurt School “Neo-Marxism” which is a non-authoritarian unpacking of earlier Marx employing phenomenology, psycoanalysiis Neo-structuralist thought and Post-Modern critical theory. You just might avoid getting tied in knots if you check this out:

  • SeaanUiNeill

    So now we can try out the other “elite establishment”, that new “anti-elite” one. I note that Trump may be seemingly settling into the comfortable old elite landscape already, so no need for any dramatic change perhaps. Did you ever encounter the last chapter of “Animal Farm” at all? Try the last line:

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I have quite a few of John’s books, but in all I’ve raed its pretty clear that he never did understand Post-Modernism, did he?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Cynical old me always thought that the “Anti-elite establishment” would simply morph into an establishment all of its own quite rapidly, but the speed of Trump’s “normalisation” has me dizzy. “Thanks for all the votes, kids, now let me get on with business as usual….”

    Not that I’d have welcomed his platform, or anything, but the political cynicism is just so blatent!

  • On the fence!

    Will Neutrogena be provided?

    I’d image there’ll be quite a lot of hand-wringing, chaffing could be a problem!

  • Reader

    Lovely review. I have put Carey’s book in my Amazon wishlist for when the topup goes in next week.

  • Reader

    Scientists can be the same. I know some who never really grokked homeopathy.

  • Abucs

    When conservatives dominate and abuse the education, judicial, entertainment and media sectors to the same extent then the George Orwell lines may become relevant. At the moment Sir Rantsalot is correct. As the Left have taken over different sectors of society, like the media, many ordinary people are finding ways to opt out and remake the society that has been taken away from them. Alternate media is one of those experiments that the Left cannot control atm and hopefully never will. The historical Left have always believed that once taking over certain sectors of society, those sectors will continue to be respected and supported. The truth is a fragmentation of society where these sectors are resisted, disrespected and sidestepped.

  • Abucs
  • ted hagan

    I never thought I would see the day when around half the US population would vote for a man who preached hatred of women, of Muslims, of Latinos of gays and of blacks. And, yes, I have read column after column about the neglected millions, the rustbelt states in the midwest, the forgotten white working class, the people Trump fed into. I have read of the paucity of opposition in Hillary and the hatred of the Establishment and the liberal elite.
    Yes I understand, but no, I truly don’t. The election of Trump shames the United States.

  • Thought Criminal

    justice should be about the actions of individuals, not nonsense divisive identity politics.

  • Abucs

    Yeah, months before he has actually been sworn into office, only 4 days after the election, it is time to judge Trump as a sellout and therefore judge the people who disagreed with you as gullible children. Perfectly reasonable position.

    Which of the 5 stages are you currently in?

  • Thought Criminal

    I said cultural Marxism, not Marxism so it seems you can’t read. I would strongly disagree on it being “non-authoritarian”..

  • Reader

    Granni, There are quite a few round here who would welcome a bit of US isolationism after 75 years of hectic activity. However, isolationism didn’t work out too well last time. I’m not sure how that will all pan out in the Pacific.
    And the other pillar of putting America first – protectionism – is what is really going to hurt, quickly.

  • Patrick Mac

    Hi Abucs,

    Some great info here, and the ‘seven lessons’ too.

    I have’nt seen a peep from grumpy oul man in a long time, have you ?

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    I’d agree with a lot of that.

    The way people went nuts over Milo Yiannopolous at university debates was shameful, embarrassing and self defeating.

  • Abucs

    I guess the grumpiness has got the better of him?

    I’m not minding the absence. 🙂

  • Abucs

    Yeah, Milo is an interesting figure and is usually extremely cool when people disrupt him. He’s a great figure to follow when “Youtube surfing” I agree it would be nice if we could all just sit and listen to someone speak and then respectfully state where we agree and disagree and why.


    For anyone who is interested about civil dialectic discussions at universities :

    It is interesting to look back at Medieval universities and see that debate and hearing opposite points of view were actually built into the curriculum. From previous research i read that a student couldn’t receive higher levels of graduation unless he formally argued successfully against his professor (usually a cleric) in front of his student peers on a range of subjects.

    There was also time set aside in the normal curriculum (once a week or once a month from memory) where the professor would stand in front of his class and give a talk about an important subject and afterwards the class was expected to argue the other side and critique the professors presentation in back and forth discussions. Perhaps we could do with some of that respectful disagreement today.

    Chapter 3 of a book written (in part) about the study at medieval universities for anyone that is interested. The book was written over 100 years ago and has a very long winded style, so bewarned. 🙂

  • Teddybear

    Far be it from me to quote a Mr Russell Brand but his assessment on his YouTube channel here makes common sense

    Trump is the consequence of liberals paying attention to minorities at the expense of blue collar white people. Had they been included then Trump may not have nominated let alone won.

    Many say poor white peope are uneducated. What does ‘uneducated’ actually mean? Does it mean they never cast a shadow on a school door or does it mean that they didn’t partake in left wing indoctrination in University?

    They’ve had enough of being mocked (Little Britain making fun of a single parent) and belittled (Rich Hall on HIGNFY saying people who watch ITV are stupid and implying they’re kind of people who voted Trump)

    Trump promised to bring jobs back to the USA. It can be argued if he will do this or.l not but he’s the only candidate for decades to at least promise this.

    Did Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton?

    Don’t think so

  • Teddybear

    Couldn’t agree more. Marxoid group think. I’ve ditched many friendships this week.

  • Teddybear

    Liberals support gay rights. Fair enough but liberals also support sharia law and Islamic countries which are anti gay and anti women. This hypocrisy is shocking and crass.

    Poor white people are shoved down the housing lists due to immigrants. Imagine if you were told that you couldnt get a place at yoga class for another 5 years due to immigrants being given first dibs at joining.

    Liberals hate the only country in the Middle East where gays and women are treated well (Israel) and turn their blind eye to Gaza who defenestrate gays and Iran who execute rape victims.

    That’s why I hate Liberals. Yes I hate liberals. They hate everything that’s good about the West and defend evils perpetrated by non white groups and nations.

  • Thought Criminal

    If only the idiots were only on the streets of the US, instead of in the prime seat of power in the UK:

  • Med Jumper

    They lost because they stopped listening, insulted the electorate and still see them as uneducated dross. Clinton offered nothing and was obsessed with the acquisition of wealth for herself.

  • HenryV

    Anybody who thinks Europe means the EU shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    This is a man who bullied a pensioner for sport live on a publicly owned national radio station and he dares to talk about fear in others?

    He isn’t aware of things Trump has said, he is aware of how the Leftist corporatist media said Trump said.

    If you want to be taken seriously don’t quote Brand.

  • HenryV

    I know I can’t look at Katie Perry now without feeling sick because of him.

  • John Collins

    And after all that the unemployment rate in the USA is just 5 per cent at the moment.

  • zoid
  • Sobieski2014


  • The holier-than-thou crowd prefers Hillary, despite her unambiguous position that she would maximize conflict with Russia and China, provoke direct military conflict between the US and Russia by imposing a no-fly zone in Syria, attack Iran and other of Israels targets, further enrich her Wall Street handlers by privatizing Social Security, and prevent any dissent from the lowly people class of her high-handed ways.

    And yet,these are the people who think of themselves as our instructors and our betters.

  • zoid
  • the rich get richer

    The electorate didn’t want more of the same…..Hillary is the same old same old.. She would have just carried on the same old….

    The electorate want change so they voted for what they believe will be change…….It will be interesting to see if there is actually and change….

    The electorate may not be happy if they still get the same old same old…

    Brexit is the same and the politicians better be careful that they do not continue with the same old same old……. coz……….

  • Abucs

    Thanks Teddybear. I’d give it abiout 10 years before he’s a Tory. lol

  • Thought Criminal

    As usual, Brand is being PC and talking shite if he thinks that having the common sense to ban Islamic immigration puts more people off than attracts. The “locker room talk” would have merely reaffirmed his “alpha badboy” status with many as well (got the majority of the vote from white women and overwhelming from men); Brand is also a complete hypocrite here given his own womanising. Should have went all in:

  • SeaanUiNeill

    You appear to be referring to that (I quote) “barmy” contemporary rightist anti-Semetic, anti modernist conspiricy theory which Jason Wilson wrote such a perceptive article about in the Guardian a year ago?:

    “[They] claim that these “cultural Marxists” began to use insidious forms of psychological manipulation to upend the west. Then, when Nazism forced the (mostly Jewish) members of the Frankfurt School to move to America, they had, the story goes, a chance to undermine the culture and values that had sustained the world’s most powerful capitalist nation.

    The vogue for the ideas of theorists like Herbert Marcuse and Theodor Adorno in the 1960s counterculture culminated with their acolytes’ occupation of the commanding heights of the most important cultural institutions, from universities to Hollywood studios. There, the conspiracy says, they promoted and even enforced ideas which were intended to destroy traditional Christian values and overthrow free enterprise: feminism, multiculturalism, gay rights and atheism. And this, apparently, is where political correctness came from. I promise you: this is what they really think.”

    As I have understood the term “Cultural Marxist” myself , even those espousing this bizarre nonsense pinpoint the Frankfort School as its directing “illuminati”, so it may just be that even in the use of this risible term (“Cultural Marxism”) you seemingly do not know what you are tallking about. As I said above, “A little bit more reading needed, TC!”

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Sir R, respectfully, would this “media brainwashing” be “Cultural Marxism” (see my rseponse to Thought Criminal” above) or are you soucing your gerta conspiricy to undermiine the Capitalist, Conservative Christian west in some other group’s plot?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    “When conservatives dominate and abuse the education, judicial, entertainment and media sectors…” well, as someone who used to work in the media and still has some family and many friends working there, and, incidently, in the legal profession, I’m only too aware that (Both “C’ and “c”) they really do!!!!!!

    All this above is sadly black hat/white hat thinking, Abucs, with the left on one side of an imaginary playing field and the conservative right at the other. But just how pervasively “compelling” in their influence actually are the left today? One has only to see just how the media and even his own party has treated a perfectly middle ground socialist such as poor Jeremy Corbyn. I seem to remember that Thatcher and Regan (hardly leftists) were those leaders who actually set the that trajectory of our modern economic culture, those whose policies have privilidged that unfettered capitalism, which in its need for social flux and the unitary consumer, with its employemt of the media to re-direct every person to maximum consumption, has itself of necessity undermined those conventional family structures and the traditional lifestyles that conservatives harken back to.

    The rightist reaction, which I’m assuming you are referring to as “alternative media” usually just peddle “conspiricy” fodder to feed into the vacuum this social displacement and personal powerlesness creates through enslavement of polulations to consumer debt, or even that dire poverty consequent on the “globalisation” of jobs. By selecting easily identified targets for traditionalists such as “liberals”, “Cultural Marxists” “feminists” the “LGBT” community and “atheists”, to which in NI we may add “Themuns” it can distract any attempt to see te genuine sorce of entropy in that neo-conservative/neo-liberal economic policy which is actually eroding all values. The irony is that Trump has cleverly played out this simmering popular rage against the status quo as a vote winner, but “the King’s a Dutchman” (old Jacobite quip) if “A Billionare” is going to put an axe to the root of any of the real causes of this public “sæva Indignatio” he has so skillfully surfed to victory.

    The conventional media simply reflect the values of the status quo, usually. The Alternative right media, those of that conservative end of society who have been persuaded that with a few tweeks and the expulsion of anyone still speaking amidst this orgy of greed and self interest for social justice family values and Christendom will be restored, abuse their listeners with propaganda which mirrors their own obcessions. Neither are selling any meaningful answer to an entropic and atomised soceity which requires everyone isolated by fear and greed from everyone else, and for whom the bonding of people through family and community is actually the graetest danger. As the figurehead in Britian for the revolution we are all still suffering under once said in 1987 “And, you know, there is no such thing as society.”

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Interesting! But the various expressions of Post-modernism are quintessentilally analytic and evaluative in methodology, pretty much the application of scientific experimental open questioning, especially in the application of some of the more significant aspects of quantum (just one example) to ideas………..

    But then perhaps the term is something you are reacting to but have not actually engaged with………

    No, John Carey, if anyone, is the “homeopath” here, Reader.

  • Cosmo

    Who are the ‘Deciders’ ABUC in this Free Speech Corner you have such faith in?

    I was quickly deleted from one of those so called truthful forums, fervently discussing 3 drunk teenage immigrants accosting girls on the street at 2.30am. With huge indignation on behalf of the women.
    I cited some (to me horrendously shocking) US Dept of Health figures on the 95,000 (alcohol-related) sexual assaults a year, at US colleges and the problems with male sexuality and booze. Oh, and before I got jettisoned by the ‘Deciders’, some ‘truth-seekers’ simply claimed the ‘college girls deserved it”. But funny, they didn’t get banned.

  • Cosmo

    Buy shares in any Trump construction interests – they are surely going to boom with this infra-structure building policy!

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Abucs, I was slightly more anti-Hillary. One of the few pluses of Trump’s success for me has been the pulping of that entire “Madam President” issue of “Newsweek”, but that’s the cynic in me gloating!

    No grief there! However I’m still with the late Jerry Garcia in thinking that choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing “evil”, (man). When offered a very suspect burger or a suspect fish fillet I can choose to avoid gippy tummy altogether and simply stay hungry.

    To me any endorsement of any politician engages with not only what they say, but with what they will actually do. I have had “no good feeling” about any president since Jimmy Carter (to whose inauguration the US end of my family wrangled for me an invite). Trump’s extremist rhetoric ensured that he would always have to “sell out” or try to run the country with a very nutty fringe of untried and inexperienced political outsiders who would be at odds with even the vast majority of Republican Conservatives. The “Sell Out” was inevitable, and I’d ask you to perhaps check back on your postings here a year from now. I doubt that I will be the one eating crow with blazing cheeks! And I don’t actually think of many of the Trump voters “as gullible children” but rather as at times people hungry for change but whose “sæva Indignatio” has been tapped and abused by yet another exploiter with skills honed in big business.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I wonder if we can expect Donald, once inaugurated, to “take out” with drones the wind farm sited by “Aberdeen Wind Farm Ltd” within view of Trump’s Menie Estate golf resort.


  • SeaanUiNeill

    Albert Einstein had something to say on all that:

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Yes dear, of course he will, his first concern……..

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Its not so much ALL of the left. Its people who are in the left organizations, but are just there to use lefty ideas to twist and manipulate to further the corrupt agendas of their globalist masters. In the US, the TV media has totally destroyed itself with lies, they have been exposed on alternative news sites that are not under elite control. CNN, (the Clinton News Network) is a laughing stock. There are corrupt puppets in the Republican party also of course.
    Its not that Trump has cleverly played out popular rage. Its that he is known to not be one of these puppet politicians. The masses in the US get their info from alternative media. That’s how despite the MSM campaign against Trump and pro the puppet Hillary, the US public were not fooled.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Good response, Sir R. Oh, I’m probably just as much a critic of the “elite” as you’d seem to be and remember getting quite a few up votes for my own anti-Hillary comments on Slugger before I started in on Donald also. Having been in the media myself, I’m all too aware of who editorial meetings go (although the fellow from the Illuminatti never graced any of those I went to). But Ive been quick to note that over here while Jimmy Saville was “everywhere” for months in the media, while an establishment figure such as Sir Clement Freud’s “outing” hardly lasted a week, with little on a BBC which seems only to have huffily cut repeats on 4 Extra of those “Just a Minute” episodes he spoke on. On the other hand the “alternative media” appears to be simply the voice of a lot of suspect private concerns from what I’ve encountered myself, a strident distraction from the real determinant in that erosion of family and communities which characterises our current social disintegration, the neo-liberal economic imperative which drives all modern politics and which I simply cannot see any Billionare seriously challenging.

    As I’ve mentioned on another posting on this thread, lets all come back to all this “brave new dawn” stuff in a year. ALL politicians in power become to some degree puppet politicians, its how the system they need to act within actually works.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    You say you hate liberals but then only give examples of extreme ones, how can you put them all in the same boat?
    For example you’d probably regard me as a liberal but I’ve got bugger all in common with the stances that you just mentioned.

    I dislike Westboro Baptist chirh but I do not dislike Christians.

    I hate Sinn Fein but I don’t hate republicans.

    I normally support Democrats (from afar) but I was rooting for Trump on this occasion.

    Is it possible you are being a tad binary with your assumptions of people and their respective political pigeon holes?

  • Thought Criminal

    whahahahhahaahhahahahahahahaha You, as well as fellow Guardian-reading prats, are what the globalist elite call a “useful idiot!”. You actually believe in Marxism! Marxism is nothing other than a psychological warfare technique to subvert an enemy society. The Frankfurt school merely refined Marxist subversion techniques away from focusing on impossible “equality” in economic class towards impossible “equality” in other forms of class to make it more suitable to subvert Western societies who were already under partial control of the unregulated globalist banking cabal (near total control under which was always the end goal for the world). And yes, practically all Marxist (psychological warfare) theorists were and are indeed overwhelmingly Jewish — that is a verifiable fact. It doesn’t matter any more though– the globalists’ and the Federal Reserve’s days are numbered!

  • Cosmo

    There’s undoubtedly great potential for a blurred line between Trump and National profits and interests….
    One of the speculations is illegal behaviour could lead to early impeachment, so the Swamp Elite can continue with business as usual via Mr Pence.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Well, thank you, Thought Criminal, that just about clarifies everything for me about how you are thinking, but at least you now know when someone mentions “the Frankfurt School” they are referring to what you condemn as “Cultural Marxism”, information courtesy of an at least partly Jewish dupe of the great unregulated globalist banking conspiracy to destroy the west and turn every man woman and child gay!!!!

    “If I can help somebody as I pass my way, then my living has not been in vain……”

    Oh, just for the record, not a Marxist really, but I do quite like Walter Benjamin, Adorno and Marcuse, all very very insightful guys! Just for the fun of it google “Gayatri Spivak” and you’ll get a snapshot of just how I might perceive the “subaltern” groups who have mistakenly voted for Trump in an orgy of what Spivak calls “strategic essentialism”.

    “While strong differences may exist between members of these groups, and amongst themselves they engage in continuous debates, it is sometimes advantageous for them to temporarily “essentialize” themselves and to bring forward their group identity in a simplified way to achieve certain goals, or to oppose the levelling impact of global culture.”

    Let’s see just how much Trump will actually do regarding all that contradictory campaign rhetoric developed to attract such groups now he’s actually in the White House, shall we? I notice the rhetoric slipping already with the cold light of day…….

  • SeaanUiNeill

    “One of the speculations is illegal behaviour could lead to early impeachment”…..

    Well, it certainly beats a November motorcade in Dallas………

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Despite being a “Guardian-reading prat” and “what the globalist elite call a ‘useful idiot!'”, and from other exchanges I doubt that TB actually does “nuanced” or “complex” as such, but I’m very, very open to being surprised!

  • Cosmo

    Or, I suppose there could be a terrible accident with a vat of molten gold brought in for those necessary White House updates.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    They appear to be referring to the latest conspiracy theory the New Right have concocted to explain the modern world’s failure to listen to them:

    “[They] claim that these “cultural Marxists” began to use insidious forms of psychological manipulation to upend the west. Then, when Nazism forced the (mostly Jewish) members of the Frankfurt School to move to America, they had, the story goes, a chance to undermine the culture and values that had sustained the world’s most powerful capitalist nation.

    The vogue for the ideas of theorists like Herbert Marcuse and Theodor Adorno in the 1960s counterculture culminated with their acolytes’ occupation of the commanding heights of the most important cultural institutions, from universities to Hollywood studios. There, the conspiracy says, they promoted and even enforced ideas which were intended to destroy traditional Christian values and overthrow free enterprise: feminism, multiculturalism, gay rights and atheism. And this, apparently, is where political correctness came from. I promise you: this is what they really think.”

    Oh dear……….

  • SeaanUiNeill

    That was the hat in “Game of Thrones: Series 1” was it not?

    I’m going to feel really terrible if anything unexpected like this actually happens, as it all too well might…………

  • Cosmo

    Actually, to date me, a James Bond reference… but come on, when a President has has an advisor with a Nixon image tattooed on his back! (Roger Stone), you could say anything could happen – so it really won’t be ‘unexpected’.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Yes, “Goldfinger”, I get it now…….should have sooner as I read the book at school when it came out!! I used to occasionally drop into Erno Goldfinger’s London house when I was training in psychoanalysis with the Philadelphia Association in Hampstead:

    Just for fun, check this out against a current image of Trump. Comb over and all!!!!!

  • Cosmo

    Hmmm, Pompey image does not have quite the same Toad expression. It strikes me how our protagonist resembles a toad, while Farage is definitely a frog. Mind you, I believe the story was confidently asserted, that H was a lizard.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    You are talking about the harbingers of our future, Cosmo, and remember one of these men has access to “drones”…..

    My own “Lizard blood” (see David Icke and his Lizard Apocalypse) is affronted by the other comparison……

  • Abucs

    “…………………………..All this above is sadly black hat/white hat thinking, Abucs, with the left on one side of an imaginary playing field and the conservative right at the other. But just how pervasively “compelling” in their influence actually are the left today?…………………………

    Battlelines have been drawn Seaan. That’s the problem with the failure of the prevailing social and economic ideologies in a democracy. It is easily identified and people are easily mobilised to fight against it. When it fails then the black and white will turn to shades of grey, to be sure. But the enemy is easily identified now and you simply don’t like it because it is you.

    ‘………………..One has only to see just how the media and even his own party has treated a perfectly middle ground socialist such as poor Jeremy Corbyn……………….

    Yeah sure because real socialism is so far off the planet like Bernie Sanders that the Left establishment who are comfortable bullshitting about inequality while accumulating their wealth are scared of these characters. Socialist ideas when put into practice have proven over and over again to be disastrous. The non Progressive Left know this but went along with the preaching of this new religion of Progressive socialism because it has always been a great recruiting tool to the young and enviously gullible (until it actually has to be implemented). The establishment Left bang on about equality and class systems in the media and schools simply to get votes. People are easily orientated towards the replacement religion with the battlecry of Lefttish equality and control of the public square.

    The Left have been so successful in the media and schools and courts etc with this secular religion. It has given them votes and power but for the true believers of Progressive socialists this wasn’t good enough. They really did believe that crap and have set out in education and media to convince others of their replacement religion. Unfortunately they have been spectacularly successful. Large numbers of people have given up on Christianity and were brainwashed that the Progressive secular religion not only should dominate but would dominate. This manufactured religion is now being taken over by the young people who believe this crap.

    Hence the shock and protest in America at Trumps election. “Our values are being challenged. Our secular religion of identity politics that we learned in school and through the media is being challenged”. So now their call to arms. They have all become Progressives.

    It is exploited by old men such as Corbyn and Sanders but it is the mis-educated young that are idolising them because that is what they are taught in the dumbed down secular education.

    Sanders got 80% of the young vote over Clinton. This terrifies the Democrats because now the Progressive Left have created a monster where there are millions of young, taking up this new religion who actually believe it and want to follow through.

    The old traditional Left are in a really difficult situation. If they backtrack on the false religion of Progressive socialism with its political correctness and identity politics then they will fail to get elected. It needs to be constantly favoured in the government, schools and media. If they keep going then especially the impressionable young will take over and run with it because they’ve been converted to think that way, not as a political tool but as a religion that tells them who they are and what to fight for. The old Left (what’s left of them) can’t come clean on the fact that socialism is bad and traditional Christian values and capitalism have been the success story. This destroys their recruiting tool and questions their honesty and credibility. But something has to be done otherwise we will get a Corbyn or Sanders and if we are lucky it will be a disaster and if we are unlucky then we might revisit some evolved strain like populist National Socialism.

    I keep on talking about Hitler’s socialism being a problem because that i believe is a real danger when people take up socialism as their religion. It brings division that we should be aware of. Classical socialism pitted the different classes against eachother. It demonised the rich and got rid of them and then fell apart. Hitler’s National socialism pitted races against eachother, demonised the ‘rich Jews’, got rid of them and fell apart. Both groups disdained Christianity as a guiding influence and thought of themselves as enlightened socialist Progressives. Here we are again.

    Only 40 years ago around the western world the Left were the white Christian working class before they were pushed out by socialist Progressives preaching the religion of equality. If you don’t have inequality then the socialist rhetoric largely falls apart. It needs division and inequality and if it cant find it then it will create it. The socialist Progressives took over the Left and undermined Christian values, they created identity politics and supported massive immigration so they could extend their righteous ideology of equality and challenge traditional social structures through division.

    Now the white working class in England are moving to UKIP, many of Labour’s white working class in northern England just broke ranks and voted for Brexit and the white working class of the mid west just broke ranks in America and voted for Trump.

    People are falsely told by the Left media that these white turncoats are really racists and in danger of creating a new fascism that we should all be wary of (more division). But as i have said before, it has traditionally been the other way around. Fascism in the form of National Socialism is actually of the Left. It is a factor of socialism with its divisive nature in order to promote its ideology.

    What has been the Left’s reaction to the white working class breaking ranks? It has wasted no time in demonising them as dumb right wing racists, poorly educated, uncultured hicks that are posing a problem to their Progressive ideology. All i am saying is be careful. Socialism demeaning a section of their own people on racial and class grounds has not had a great outcome in the very recent past, no matter how much it tried to convince itself that it was really ‘fighting the good fight.

    The old Left is been swept away largely by the Progressive Left with their identity politics. Some of the old Left are jumping ship and some stay but know socialism is a complete failure. The new Progressive socialists don’t know this. They’e been converted to this new faith that needs to be implemented by the state in all its social and economic forms to bring peace on earth and goodwill to mankind.

    ……….. I seem to remember that Thatcher and Regan (hardly leftists) were those leaders who actually set the that trajectory of our modern economic culture,……..

    Yeah sure they were elected in backlashes and the media were not favourable to either one. Thatcher is still referred to mockingly as being authoritarian and divisive (read upsetting the belief in the inevitable progress of Progressiveness). They’ve set some of the economic culture simply because the socialist one fails. Such a culture constantly has to battle against the induced Progressive religion that we should all be good socialists even though it doesn’t work.

    ‘………… re-direct every person to maximum consumption, has itself of necessity undermined those conventional family structures and the traditional lifestyles that conservatives ……….

    no, working actually creates wealth. Supporting capitalism and private rights has lifted more people out of poverty then any other idea. The Christian west that pioneered the idea was the first to show the benefits and as you would expect other cultures followed suit. But in the west capitalism doesn’t become your religion unless you give up on Christianity and are so hollow that it becomes your life. The utter danger of socialism is that it has dumbed down the populace to such an extent that it gives up on Christianity and then socialism, a failed economic and political model and political correctness, feminism etc DOES become their religion. When it goes wrong or is rejected then people believing that crap really have problems wondering why they are opposed by people they consider unenlightened.

    …………………..The rightist reaction, which I’m assuming you are referring to as “alternative media” usually just peddle “conspiricy” fodder to feed into the vacuum this social displacement and personal powerlesness creates through enslavement of ………..

    Sure some go off the deep end with shallow populist analysis but then the failure of Progressiveness is such an obvious target, There are more nuanced and detailed reactions and these will be the ones to last. There might be varying degrees of correctness in analysing the failure and insanity of Progressiveness but that is separate from the actual obvious failure and insanity of the new religion that people are looking to reject and oppose.

    …………………………….The irony is that Trump has cleverly played out this simmering popular rage against the status quo as a vote winner, but “the King’s a Dutchman” (old Jacobite quip) if “A Billionare” is going to put an axe to the root of any of the real causes of this public “sæva Indignatio” he has so skillfully surfed to victory………

    Yeah maybe. We will not know until his presidency but again this is separate from the fact that a bloody big axe is needed to cut the whole crap of Socialist Progressiveness down or at least limit it to those areas that have been taught to want it without shoving it down the throats of the people who have rejected the new religion and are being bullied to accept it.

    ………………………………..The conventional media simply reflect the values of the status quo, usually. ……………

    No. The conventional media for the last few decades have gone on a Progressive crusade to change hearts and minds. They became the status quo but are now losing support because there are better more honest healthy and intellectual alternatives not supporting the recent Progressive status quo, but actually working openly against it.

    Progressives were taught to think of the rightness and universal appeal of their manufactured morals and of the inevitable triumph of Progressiveness. They really have a problem now when large sections of the populace, especially the poor, say quite clearly :We know who you are, we know what you stand for and we reject you’.

    It is a very black and white rejection.

  • John Collins

    I really do not see what the big deal is. Only once since 1948 has the same party retained control of White House after an eight year spell of occupation and only twice won the popular vote.

  • John Collins

    One had only to listen to direct quotes from Donald to see what he was made of.

  • Abucs

    There’s lots of forums and platforms now Cosmo. If one treats you badly then you leave. If their modus operandi is to treat much of their audience badly then their business model will suffer.

    The problem with the establishment media is that very thing is happening right now.

    Can’t you hear the rush of feet heading for the exits? You can bet your last quid the establishment media can.

  • Cosmo

    Why didn’t you mention that Capitalism is no longer about ‘goods and services’, but is now purely about financial engineering and creative accounting, where shareholder value only ‘rules’?
    And that Harvard Business School/Goldman Sachs ‘ethics’, are just a blight on the planet.

  • Kevin Breslin

    Doesn’t Lee Reynolds have a day job … is he acting here on behalf on the DUP or as personal self-promotion?

    I wonder if people around the Village and Sandy Row will appreciate him fawning over Trump the way the DUP used to fawn over the Swish Family?

  • Kevin Breslin

    Project Fear is still on going … I feel the declining Right wing Press are upset that People aren’t pulling their hair out over Muslims in the Country yet.

  • Kevin Breslin

    May’s been fantastic with Islam outreach … she has to be careful trying to pacify two sets of extremists.

    The British Islamists and the British nationalist Brexiteers have similar right wing values and it’s probably best to keep them somewhat moderated with pointless jingoism and allowing them to be free to marry who they want, how they want.

    I honestly can’t tell the difference between what Nigel Farage says and what Jihadi John says at times.

  • Kevin Breslin

    I would say my “liberal” attitude of marriage matches some of the Conservatives who support Marriage under Roman Catholic Canon Law, Marriage under Sharia Law and Same Sex Marriage under Civil Law … of course it’s not really possible to have two out of the three at the same time.

  • John Collins

    Oh what a Harriman and yet more people voted for her than Trump.

  • Horses for courses, You get a bigger turnout, in the urban East Coast areas and California, where she gets her support. If we go down that road, UKIP got 12% of the popular vote, in the UK but only got 1 MP out of six hundred and odd. No democratic system is perfect.

  • John Collins

    Well there is some argument for the GB FPTP system in general elections but there is no in this day and age for what is an utterly undemocratic system in a country that boasts about itself as the greatest democracy in the world

  • Thought Criminal

    I wish it weren’t true, but the evidence is quite overwhelming when you look into it. This is reality. The gayness thing is more to weaken the population, to feminise men and reduce the white Christian population; the greatest threat to the plans for world government are white males and so are demonised at all opportunities (and have been genocided at least 60+ million in the past century alone through manipulated war, something which continues today with the Kalergi plan etc.).

  • npww

    Good grief Brian! You only invited one woman expert to inform the discussion and share perspective on the US election — given all the misogyny and sexism that characterized the campaign featuring the first female democratic nominee. That is ridiculous and unfortunate.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    TC, this is applying a “structural intent” which simply is clearly not there for anyone who has tried to do things in the world! When one has been close to how any major project happens, business, government, anything, organised them even as I have, the inability of any person or group of people to effect things becomes glaringly obvious. Even if “the Learned Elders of Zion” sat in convocation and sent out their master agents to do all this manipulation of the peoples of world, the inevitable human ability to mess things up would entirely defeat their project.

    Ideas spread epidemiologically through social networks for any number of reasons, but group intentionality is seldom the deciding factor in such diffusion of ideas and attitudes. No conspiracy with changing modern attitudes to those things which worry you, simply people seeing the sense of things and reacting to this.

    After a lifetime in the media I’ve had gay friends ever since the 1960s. The sheer “normality” of their lives, lifestyles, is evident to anyone who had had any similar experience. Angry gay people who have suffered abuse and discrimination may naturally become highly political and strident, also anyone with genuine social concern for others may act to support anything which lifts the unreasonable and vicious discrimination such people have suffered from an uncaring society for centuries. Honestly, although I doubt you will hear me, no plot, simply people attempting to have a life, and others trying to help them.

  • It seems its only “utterly undemocratic” – if it doesn’t give you the result you want. Seriously, take a look at democratic systems.
    Consider the UK first past the post, a winner takes all. Where oddly the Scots Nats got less of the popular vote than UKIP. And have God knows how many MP’s – argue that with them.
    Then consider the Irish PR system which gives a parliament more balanced towards the views of the electorate – at the other extreme – ending up usually with a hung parliament in which Independent TD’s can enrich their own constituency’s at the expense of the rest of the country.

    None of them are perfect. The Trump team played to the American system on far less money than team Clinton and her banker buddies. and won.
    When David Beckam put a ball over the cross bar in a penalty against Portugal in a critical match, many years ago. No one said he would make a great rugby player. Because it was – you know – soccer.

  • billypilgrim1

    Surely Sean, there’s an element of plotting – or more accurately, activism – amid the general spread of ideas that you refer to?

    There’s nothing wrong with activism, by the way, although one does become suspicious when that activism is surreptitious.

    In Ireland we know about the systematic takeover of the media, and most especially RTÉ, by Marxist loons, the results of which we live with to this day. The influence of those I’ll loosely call the Harris faction has been enormous (and enormously destructive to north-south solidarity – Marxists hate patriotism) and very definitely did not happen by a process of natural evolution. One can see similar processes having taken place within the academy in various countries.

    The strategy was laid out very clearly way back in the 1920s, with Gramsci’s ideas on cultural hegemony, or the ‘education reforms’ of Gyorgy Lukacs in Bela Kun’s short-lived Hungarian Bolshevik state. They were updated by the Eurocommunists of the Marcuse era, who understood that the USSR was a disaster, and it was the cultural sphere rather than the economic where modern Marxists needed to direct their energies.

    The Blair government was jam-packed with old commies and Eurocommies (Mandelson, Straw, Reid, Clarke, Darling, Ainsworth, Byers, Milburn, Charlie Whelan etc, even Gordon Brown, though never a communist himself, was a protege of Jack Jones. Not Blair himself, of course. He never believed in anything.) Many of that government’s policies make a lot more sense when one recalls where these people came from.

    A lot of the thinkers who influenced these guys were very up-front about wanting to transform people’s souls (for want of a better word) and put the state into the place traditionally occupied by God and the family.

    Who can deny that we in the west have moved substantially in that direction over the past century?

    It doesn’t seem like some lunatic conspiracy theory to suggest a causal relationship between the ideas of Gramsci etc and the direct activism of Marxist groups (including entryism), and the coming to pass of those ideas.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    While there’s a lot I do not endorse in what you’re saying, thank you Billy for a well constricted and compelling response (hence the up vote). While not a Marxist, I have a lot of time for the Frankfurt school, but would see their proliferation as an epidemiological spread through networks, often in despite efforts to spread their influence. Will come back to this later when I have more time, rather than simply taking a minute off from my morning email!

  • John Collins

    Well in Brexit and the Irish or indeed the French Presidental Election the person with the most wins. The Electoral College system of election goes back to the days before the penny stamp, never mind universal suffrage, and is a totally outmoded archaic system.

  • Yeah when you loose by it. When you win by it its cool.