Green leader calls on DUP MLAs to show courage & come out in favour of marriage equality

Steven Agnew gpni16Green Party leader Steven Agnew has commented on Arlene Foster’s recent statements about continuing to use the Petition of Concern device to block marriage equality legislation and motions introduced in the NI Assembly.

It is an open secret that there are a number of DUP MLAs who support marriage equality. There has been a polite acceptance in Stormont, and among some campaigners, that they must adhere to their party whip.

However, given Arlene Foster’s recent assertion that she will block any attempt to legislate to allow same sex couples to marry, this is no longer tenable.

Since I first introduced the issue of marriage equality to the Assembly in 2012, we have been through five votes where more liberal DUP MLAs have had their own views trampled over by their party leadership.

In the meantime, the rights of our LGBT community are denied and the views of 70% of the people of Northern Ireland are ignored.

This is set to continue for at least another five years unless those MLAs speak up.

I am therefore calling on DUP MLAs to show courage, to be true to themselves, to risk alienating their family, friends and colleagues, and to “come out” in favour of marriage equality. Their party conference this weekend provides them with the perfect platform at which to do so.

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  • Thought Criminal

    Those videos are personal testimonies from someone recovered from “progressive” lgbt brainwashing, and are much closer to the truth than any bullshit from so-called “social scientists”.
    Yes, all references to “human race” ARE wrong as it is a SPECIES. It is a nonsense phrase used by do-gooders wanting to pretend there is no such thing as race.

  • Thought Criminal

    Those issues aren’t directly related to reproduction and should be discouraged by society by other means. Should brothers and sisters now be able to marry considering your so happy to redefine it as nothing to do with with producing offspring?. In-breeding for all!

    If you can’t define the difference between Civil Partnership which we already have then why do we have all these aggressive activists shoving this issue in our faces and why don’t they accept 5 votes against them? Good for you, but please keep the destruction of your own society to yourselves in your own country.

  • grumpy oul man

    Oh dear, the phrase”Human race has been about for quite a while, I have never heard anybody (who are these do gooders you speak off) deny the very evident fact that there are different races, where on earth did you get that ridiculous idea from!
    As for the videos, they do go against all the science, you know that Biology, sociology, psychology that sort of thing,
    As for the videos, i am afraid i would like a bit more facts, How does this conditioning take place, how come it goes against the testimonies of the vast majority of gay people.
    little things like that.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Then if you accept this then why do people get their knickers in such a twist when people promote ‘equality’?

    Yes, basketball land Jordan is our superior and on the planet pedantic annoying bloggers i’m his superior but ‘equality’ is about not prohibiting people from having a crack of the whip e.g. allowing people to play sport regardless of their colour or allowing people to work in certain jobs regardless of their gender.

    How people fare in their chosen pursuit is a question of merit, hard work and maybe a bit of luck, ‘equality’ does not seek to put Jordan’s legs in a hobbling block in order to make him ‘equal’ to the cancer ridden girl.

  • Thought Criminal

    “Social science” is not hard science and many so-called “scientists” comply to PC rules and care more about feelings over fact. Even so, there is no scientist stating it to be entirely pre-determined at birth. Someone still taking part in “gay” behaviour is unlikely to want to admit they have been socially conditioned vs. someone who no longer does.

  • grumpy oul man

    Yes of course your right, someone whose only qualification is a course at bible college and with a theological axe to grind and no need to actually prove anything is always going to be more correct than a highly trained scientist who must present his theory (do you understand the meaning of the word theory when it is used by scientists) to the world for testing!
    As regards to your “conditioning” argument it fall to explain a lot of things not the least is, the vast majority of Gay or Lesbian people (both those who i am close enough to talk to about it and any interviews i have read or seen) tell us they knew from a very early age (notions of what or who is attractive begin long before puberty) they where different from most around them as in they had no interest in the opposite sex, most would have been brought up with very little (if any) contact with other gay people in any manner never mind enough to “condition them” so i am sorry your reasoning is very flawed.

  • Abucs

    Hello Ghobsmacht,

    i’ll leave it to those who wear knickers to explain themselves. lol

    ok, the concern with equality as an ideology is that there are beliefs that very often go along with it which are unfair and dangerous. These include the view that (1) things should be equal (2) if they are not equal it is because of some injustice (3) public money and policies must be enforced to support equality and (4) equality applies to certain defined victim groups and not others.

    So to continue with the (American) basketball analogy – if whites were a defined victim group then under equality ideology there would be arguments as to why they aren’t achieving as good as results as blacks in basketball and why they are not represented in proportion to blacks in the NBA.

    Blacks would be blamed for this situation. Someone might want to enforce white quotas on basketball teams, or there might be mandatory anti-white bullying programs in schools for those suggesting blacks were better, someone might want minimum quotas on advertising and in books forcing the depiction of white basketballers, there might be legislation that would punish someone continually depicting basketballers as black, someone might want white only basketball teams (to get away from the black prejudice) and someone else might believe it is right to pay huge amounts of tax payers’ money in white majority schools aimed at increasing the level of basketball achievement among whites. All of this comes from the idea that whites should be just as good as blacks and it must be an injustice why they are not and that blacks must be blamed and huge amounts of money spent to ‘rectify’ the situation.

    This of course sounds ridiculous but there seems to be no shortage of actual examples to the growing list of accepted victim groups and willingness to spend money and create laws to ‘rectify’ this ‘injustice’.

    Just this week the Australian Labor Party leader again floated his 2013 idea that there should be mandatory quotas of gay people in the Australian Parliament. Of course it only works one way – there is no mandatory quota of straight people that must be involved in the fashion industry etc.

    Let me give you just one example from experience. For very long boys outscored girls at school. The equality ideology says that since females are an approved victim group the blame must be put on males and large amounts of money and time must be spent ‘equalizing’ the situation. Now after 50 years of promoting female teachers, female subjects, female perspectives, female ways of learning, female authors, female interests etc etc it is the females that dominate the males in school results in many western countries by quite a lot.

    In most subjects now girls do better. There is zero effort to lift boys up to ‘equality’ because they are not a defined victim group.

    Maths, science and physical exercise are still male dominated but even here there are moves to ‘equalize’

    I have taught in certain western countries where i have been forced to teach maths in such a way that will appeal to girls. This includes more drawing, less repetition, less teaching of algorithms, less homework, more reliance on verbal skills etc etc. All that would be fine if we got kids being able to do maths better. We didn’t, it was a lot worse but boys results suffered more than girls so the results looked like they equalised. Because equality was the goal this was deemed as a success even though internationally we have been falling further behind the Chinese and Indians etc in our abilities to do maths, To the ideologically driven this does not matter. What matters is that girls are marked closer to boys at the end of the day. Discrimination in maths is being tackled! %$^^&&&&

    In physical education the same process is going on where governments (in the US) will not give money to groups that are under-represented in girls. So the drama club, the book club, the arts club the dance club etc etc might be 90% female and they will get government money. The sports club might be 70% male and this is deemed as unequal and thus money is with-held until the sports club “stops being so sexist”:. So typically male sports like wrestling are finding themselves cut altogether and schools are bending over backwards to get girls into sports teams even if they show little interest.

    I hope this gives some idea as to why there is opposition to equality ideology. It is a matter of how people see reality, which is why i constantly refer to things like equality and political correctness as secular religions.

    I am sure we agree on the part where we treat eachother with equal respect as human beings. When the state gets involved to create equality then it can only do so from certain assumptions and ideologies. It is these assumptions and ideologies that many of us object to.

  • John Collins

    Well two neighbouring Muslim countries, Jordan and I think Lebanon, each with a population of about four millions, have about one million refugees each taken in. At that the ROI should be taking in about the same and GB should be taking in a whopping 15 million.

  • Abucs

    Should? A few assumptions there John.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    I get what you’re saying but I’d add to that by saying that you’re picking out the extreme aspects of ‘equality’ where it does well and truly get ridiculous (I mean, not allowing men to have urinals because women have to sit on the toilet, what head-banger thought of that?!) that being said I’d rather have the equality go over the top than inequality and discrimination go over the top.
    Perhaps there will be some sort of ‘harmonics’ effect over the centuries where the extremes alternate by a lesser magnitude over time and perhaps we will see some sort of pragmatic middle ground, alas, we’ll both be long gone by then.