Your detailed guide for tonight’s #EURef’s runners and riders…

More good stuff for tonight… Further to Brian Hayes’s outline, here’s another fantastic resource from Slugger’s own electoral expert Nicholas Whyte…

And more broadly there’s this from the Press Association. Don’t forget to tune into our live blog from 11 onwards, music, jokes, colour, and maybe a wee bit of politics on the side.

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  • Belfast Red

    Are any of the main polling organisations running an exit poll?

  • terence patrick hewett

    Don’t think so. The money markets think it will be “in” The polls think it will be close either way. the bookies? ha, ha, ha!!!

  • Nimn

    I know LucidTalk here is running one.

  • Nimn

    From The Telegraph
    “Pollsters YouGov will be running an on-the-day poll on June 23, the results of which will be announced at 10pm, once voting has closed.”

  • David McCann

    People got stung with this at the 2015 election.
    This is not an exit poll, YouGov did something similar in 2015 and they had to correct national broadcasters that it was not an exit poll.

  • jm

    I must say Nicholas Whyte’s resource is excellent. Just looking at it, I can tell he must use the services of a great yet reasonably priced designer 🙂

  • Nicholas Whyte
  • terence patrick hewett

    in/out: in /out: you shake it all about
    and do the okey cokey
    or the hokey/pokey poke
    thats what’s it all about.

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Either way, it will show the % of the public that know about the globalist agenda. Also the % of people who are awake.
    It would be really interesting to have a thread on slugger on globalist control and who of us know about it.