#SluggerReport: A good night on the media for Leave…

This morning’s #SluggerReport. It’s a longish one, but with the highest live viewer total yet. Key references include this report of last night’s ITV debate from The Times Red Box team giving thumbs down to Boris but thumbs up to Camp Leave.

Even among Conservatives, Johnson was the choice of 12 per cent, behind Leadsom (33 per cent) and Stuart (35 per cent).When we repeated the poll at the end, there was a smaller sample size of 253, but Leave voters were unmoved.

The only significant change was Rudd improving her standing among Remain voters. At the end of the programme, 60 per cent of self-declared “undecided” viewers said they would now vote Leave, with the remaining 40 per cent still to make up their minds.

And this strongly worded leader in the Economist accusing Jeremy Corbyn of sabotaging the Remain campaign:

The choice Britain faces on June 23rd will have profound consequences, not least for Labour voters poorly placed to weather a post-Brexit recession. Yet just 52% of Labour supporters say that they will vote, compared with 69% of Tories. Little more than half of them even know that their party is for staying in the EU.

Oh dear. My slim 10p stake is still on a Remain victory, but if the Red team is not planning to show up, then it could get very squeaky. Meanwhile, it is all down to the Blue team and some limited help from Nichola Sturgeon from the SNP.

As for last night’s debate on The View, if I say that Gregory Campbell towered above all his rivals that will give you some flavour what a car crash it was for Remain. For extra value, read David Grant on how plebiscites poison the well of democracy.