Cameron gambled with national security?

The BBC are announcing that today David Cameron is going to claim that the UK leaving the EU would increase risks to peace. The BBC suggested Elgar or Vaughan Williams should be playing. I suspect Holst’s Mars would be the most appropriate.

Turning from the classic music back to the politics. One of the primary responsibilities: probably the prime responsibility of a Prime Minister or the like is maintaining the safety of the population that elected him and as such if true Cameron’s would be a serious claim. Hold on to that thought as I will come back to it.

There are a number of more likely reasons for peace being maintained in Europe, or at least the parts of western Europe which made up the initial EU. Firstly most point to NATO. This was to defend the west against any possible Soviet invasion. Had the Russian tanks ever crossed the German plain, however, although the British would not doubt have fought bravely it would have been the US military which would have stopped them – if it could.

NATO is a fairly convincing force for peace in western Europe though its record in central and eastern Europe and further afield is far more complex and not always terribly impressive – a discussion for another day.

Other things that have kept peace include the fact that democracies very rarely go to war with other democracies.

There is also the simple fact that since the Second World War there has been no state in western Europe which could militarily have invaded another major state even if by some bizarre circumstance it had wanted to. The British military has been the strongest in western Europe but it is very doubtful if even at its zenith from the 1950s to 1970s it could have mounted a convincing attempt to invade France or Germany. The idea it would have wanted to is simply daft.

The whole of Cameron’s pitch today is simply a nonsense. Today is an attempt to appeal to patriotic voters, older voters etc.

However, come back to the point I made at the start. The primary responsibility of a Prime Minister is to protect the country. Cameron is saying that leaving the EU risks peace. This is the same David Cameron who claimed that unless he got a good enough deal from the EU he would recommend Brexit. Therefore he must either be misleading us or else he was willing (from his point of view) to gamble with our security.

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  • the rich get richer

    Who knew that so many Europeans were barely able to contain themselves i.e. Scratching and Itching to “Have a Go” at the British.

    Just imagine that , those that have nuclear weapons allow their hands to hover over the nuclear buttons barely restraining themselves from ‘Wiping out Blighty”

  • Msiegnaro

    The Prime Minister’s pitch overall to remain in the EU has been very negative and could in fact work against the “In” campaign if it is not altered.

    Using Obama to warn against Brexit and to insist the UK would be at the back of any queue going forward was without foundation and it was interesting if not surprising to see Trump come out in favour of Brexit only last week.

    This argument about the EU maintaining peace in the UK is very bizarre as is the situation in NI where the “In” campaign have suggested “Brexit” would lead to a return to the troubles.

    As someone not convinced with either the “In” campaign or with “Brexit,” I have to say the negativity from the Prime Minster is edging me away from the EU.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    When I hear this kind of disingenuous silliness from a Prime Minister, I seriously wonder if he should consider revising his PR arrangements. He is obviously using a group of people who simply cannot measure just how increasingly hyperbolic his comments appear when released into the real world. Thank you again Turgon for a characteristically sharp forensic deconstruction of the implications of Cameron’s position when viewed against his earlier statements.

  • On the fence!

    Observe the handling in recent times of the Greek financial problems, the migrant crisis, and the Ukraine. Dealing with such serious matters requires swift decisive action, not numerous summits which waste time and then ultimately bring about a half-assed play on words which exists not because it’s what is required, but because everyone can (just about!) agree with it.

    The EU and it’s bungling bureaucratic incompetence will soon tear Europe apart.

    But of-course this is just the latest shock tactic, expect them to become more extreme and ridiculous as the “remain” camp become more desperate!

  • Neil

    Project Fear works. If he fails to secure support for membership of the EU given he’s protecting the status quo, with all the resources of government at his disposal and leaning on the project fear approach, then he truly is a failure of a PM.

  • Jag

    “the BBC are announcing that today David Cameron is going to claim that the UK leaving the EU would increase risks to peace. The BBC suggested Elgar or Vaughan Williams should be playing. I suspect Holst’s Mars would be the most appropriate.”

    Really? I think the Benny Hill Yakety Sax would be even more appropriate.

    Leaving the EU will boost the UK’s ability to defend itself and its citizens. Unshackled from EU rules, including the much-exploited human rights legislation (as unpalatable as it may be to so-called liberals, capital punishment and torture reduces security costs and increases the effectiveness of security agencies), the UK will be able to put itself first, whilst maintaining reciprocating arrangements where it’s deemed in the national interest. As noted above, the UK will remain in NATO.

    So, what risk to peace is Dave blabbing about? Certainly not the risk to peace within the borders of the UK.

  • Sir Rantsalot

    The elite’s plan for a single EU state has entered some choppy waters. Look how the controlled main stream media and puppet politicans are all lined up to scare the public to remain with the plan. Ridiculous claims of doom if we leave should make it plain how controlled the media is. Also notice how migrant trouble in Europe has disappeared from the msm news.

  • Barney

    “David Cameron is going to claim that the UK leaving the EU would increase risks to peace”


    Britain leaving the EU will not stop it attacking (directly or indirectly) other countries. NATO went on a global rampage after the cold war upholding human rights by means of torture, kidnapping and invasion.There will be no change in the risks to peace Britain can attack whomever it wishes as it has a UNSC veto.

    No one is going to attack Britain in the EU or not.

  • terence patrick hewett

    Surely they should be playing Wagner’s Der fliegende Holländer?

  • Barney

    Just read reports of Boris Johnston being called a “Putin apologist” for comments he made during the Q/A session held after his speech.

    As much as I hate to admit it Johnston happens to be correct re the Ukraine coup and the destablising influence Europe played in it. The Ukrainian people are totally screwed with no way out of the post coup mess.

    Not much sign of peace there.

  • Chingford Man

    Forget, Elgar, Williams and Holst. The only music appropriate to Lyin’ Dave and this ridiculous intervention is the theme from “Terry and June”.